Teddy Saull is President-elect of the McMaster Students Union

January 30, 2014 at 19:36 pm

The Elections Committee has completed the campaign evaluation process (assessing the fines and complaints levied against candidates), and candidates’ scrutineers have witnessed the compilation of the votes via Simply Voting, the MSU’s online voting portal.

The unofficial winner has been declared; Teddy Saull is the 2014-2015 President-elect of the McMaster Students Union.  The President takes office on May 1st, 2014. Results are unofficial at this time, as all candidates have five (5) business days to appeal their fines and contest the results.

Voter turnout for the 2014 MSU Presidential election was 40.5% with 8364 students voting. This represents the most amount of votes ever cast in an MSU Presidential election. Congratulations to all candidates and campaign teams on a very strong contest!

The round by round breakdown can be found here.


In addition to the Presidential election, there were several referendum questions on this year’s ballot, including new HSR Bus Pass options and new Health Plan options.

The HSR Bus Pass referendum offered five options, ranked by voters in the preferential vote format. The options were:

  • Revoke the current agreement
  • Keep the current agreement the same
  • Add expanded service for $6.50 more per year
  • Create a 12 month bus pass for $6.00 more per year
  • Add expanded service & create a 12 month pass for $12.50 more per year

The winning option is:

  • Add expanded service & create a 12 month pass for $12.50 more per year

This feature will be added to the 2014/2015 HSR McMaster student bus pass.

The Health Plan referendum offered students three new options for the MSU administered heatlh plan.  Each question was independant of the others and each was presented in a YES or NO format. The results are as follows:

  1. FAIL - Do you support an increase to the MSU Health Plan of $15 to cover extended vision coverage including but not limited to one eye exam and $80 towards corrective lenses every 24 consecutive months?
  2. FAIL - Do you support an increase to the MSU Health Plan of $19 to cover 80% of the cost of all prescription contraception, excluding IUD Mirena?
  3. FAIL - Do you support an increase to the MSU Health Plan of $43 to cover extended heath coverage including, but not limited to, all 80% of the cost of dieticians, chiropodists, clinical psychologists, orthopedic supplies, medical supplies, vaccines, and ambulatory/paramedical services?
  •  The MSU Health plan will remain unchanged in 2014/2015.

To learn more about the operations and finances of the McMaster Students Union, please download the 2013/2014 State of the Union document.

For more information, please contact:

Lindsey Huff
Chief Returning Officer
905-585-9140 ext. 24118


Saad Syed
Deputy Returning Officer
905-585-9140 ext. 24118

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