Clubza is Live! What Interests You?

August 29, 2014 at 15:44 pm

Clubza is the MSU’s new, interactive Clubs search module. It is based on the identification of a student’s preferences, as they correlate to tags placed on Clubs inside the module. Clubs can be found through a cross reference of their ‘category’ in the MSU Clubs system, with user input tags that define the nature of club activities. A user can search for Clubs in several ways:

  1. By choosing one of the five categories of Clubs in which all MSU Clubs are defined (academic, cultural, recreation, religious/spiritual or social issues)
  2. By choosing one of the above categories AND inputting one or more tags that outline a user’s interest(s) (i.e. CULTURAL Clubs + SING, DANCE or SOCIAL ISSUES Clubs + HEALTH, CHILDREN, AGING)
  3. By searching only tags of interest to the user, thus freeing the search from the bounds of pre-defined Club categories (i.e. ANY Club + SING, DANCE, HEALTH, CHILDREN, AGING)

By using more tags, the user will narrow the search. Tags will work on a compounding basis. Therefore, only a club that has all the tags inputted in the search field(s) will be displayed in the search results. To widen the search, simply use fewer tags to generate a larger pool of Clubs. Tags must be separated by a comma, as per the examples above. All MSU Clubs have been given the opportunity to define ten tags about themselves. Those tags have populated the system and Clubza is now live!


Currently, all MSU Clubs can be found in the MSU Clubs Directory. Clubza is an innovative way in which to navigate said directory to find the Clubs that match a students' interest. With more than 300 Clubs and over $100,000 in direct annual funding to Club budgets, the MSU Club system is one of the biggest and best in the country. Clubza will greatly enhance McMaster students’ ability to find Club(s). Clubs are a fantastic way to enhance student life in a self-directed manner. The MSU supports Clubs not only financially, but also through staff including the Clubs Administrator and Assistant Clubs Administrator, who help students navigate the world of event planning/approval – including budgeting, health and safety, logistics, venue rentals, catering and more!

For more information, please contact:

Griffith Dias
Clubs Administrator   
905-525-9140 ext. 24113

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