Service Upgrades During the Exam Period

November 28, 2014 at 12:54 pm

Finding a quiet place to study, particularly during nights and evenings, has always been extremely dif­ficult. However, beginning December 2, study space will no longer come at a pre­mium, as Thode Library will extend its hours to remain open 24/7 until the end of the exam period. This is the longest a library has every remained open. In addition, Hospitality Services will operate The Reactor inside Thode on extended hours. Beginning December 6, The Reactor will stay open until midnight on weekday nights until December 16.  The Reactor will also open on weekends to better serve students.

The McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) is open 24-7. All lounges and common areas, including ClubSpace, will remain open and are available for group/individual study. Also, MUSC meeting rooms on the second and third floor will be available for individual silent study until midnight throughout the exam period. For more info, visit MUSC room 222 to grab a chair in a quite study space.

Studying is only half the battle. Staying mental and physical healthy is an important aspect of study. To that effect, the David Braley Athletic Centre (DBAC) will maintain regular hours one week longer this year, until December 14th. DBAC will be open weekdays from 6am – 11:30pm and weekends from 8am-9:30pm. Beginning December 15th, DBAC hours will shorten by only one hour on weekdays closing at 10:30pm, and will open 8:30am-4:30pm on weekends.  

Also on the de-stress front, the MSU Student Health Education Centre (SHEC) will be running stress busters during exams from December 4th until December 11th. Events include hikes, free snacks and drinks, yoga sessions, and visits from adorable SPCA dogs. For more information, check out  

Keeping you caffeinated and full of delicious and nutritious snacks, Union Market will run on extended hours throughout the exam period, Specifically, UM will be open:

  • Thursday, December 4 from 8am - 10pm
  • Friday, December 5 from 8am - 6pm
  • Saturday, December 6 from 11am - 6pm
  • Sunday, December 7 from 9am - 11pm

From December 8 until Dec 18, Union Market will operate Monday- Friday 8am-11pm, Saturday 9am- 6pm and Sunday 9am- 11pm. Union Market will be closed December 19 through January 4.

During the stressful exam period, please remember that both the Peer Support Line (ext. 28888) and the Student Walk Home Attendant Team (ext. 27500) are available to assist you!

For more information, please contact:

Teddy Saull
MSU President
905-525-9140 ext.

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