Maccess Accessibility Awareness Campaign to run Sept. 21-25

September 22, 2015 at 14:43 pm

As a way of continuing the MSU’s work in this en­deavour and welcoming a new cohort of students to McMaster, the MSU is ex­cited to announce Maccess. Maccess is a week-long cam­paign designed to make stu­dents more cognizant about accessibility at McMaster, as well as to emphasize what is being done to eliminate bar­riers and how students can continue this work. Mac­cess will feature a variety of programming throughout the week. To see the en­tire week’s schedule, visit

One aspect of this cam­paign involves students helping to make physical accessibility issues more visible. Some areas and pathways on campus are more accessible than oth­ers. Throughout the week, volunteers will be chalking certain areas on campus according to their levels of accessibility. Blue chalk will designate the most accessi­ble routes and red chalk the least. Yellow chalk will rep­resent areas that fall in be­tween. We hope this activi­ty will highlight the lack of accessible pathways in many areas of campus.

In addition, Maccess will feature program­ming that will in­clude anti-oppression training, beginner sign language class­es, and a session on low vision facilitated by the Canadian Na­tional Institute for the Blind. There will be a speech given by David Lepofsky, a leading spokes­person on legislation sur­rounding the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabil­ities Act (AODA). In addi­tion, students will facilitate sessions in which they will share their experiences us­ing wheelchairs on campus, as well as a session focusing on the impact of chronic ill­nesses.

Throughout the week, students can stop by the MUSC-Mills Plaza to talk to Maccess volunteers about the campaign and learn how to get involved with the MSU’s work on accessibility. There will also be a banner inviting students to share their responses to the ques­tion “What Does Accessibility Mean to You?” Join in the social media conversation using #Maccess. Coming soon, the app Cartographr will also be available for iOS and Android, where anyone can tag accessibility concerns on a map of Mc­Master’s campus and see others’ tagged concerns as well.

Maccess will provide an opportunity for students to get more involved in the on­going conversation around accessibility on campus.

For more information, please contact:

Spencer Nestico-Semianiw
Vice President (Education)
905-525-9140 ext.24017

or visit

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