September 28, 2015 at 22:36 pm


Next week is busy for McMaster Students. Students will be able to nominate their professors and teaching assistants for teaching awards. Be sure to check out www.msumcmaster.ca/tac starting October 5th for more information. In addition to this exciting opportunity, students can start voting in the satellite polling station in Celebration Hall from the 5th to the 8th. At this station you are able to vote in any riding across Canada that you have proof of residence in! The Teaching Awards Committee has made a short list of why it’s important that YOU vote this October.


1.       Your vote counts. If you’re wondering whether your single vote can make a difference, then here’s how it will. The government does not have access to who you are voting for, but they do get access to what age group votes. Their campaigns and programs target the age groups that are registered to vote. By voting or even registering to vote, you are ensuring that politicians take interest in what your specific age group wants.

2.       Choose your future.Starting university means many things, but the most important of them all is the freedom to make your own decisions. Don’t let your parents or grandparents be the only ones making this decision.  Statistics show that approximately 37% of youth aged 18-24 voted in the 2011 federal election whereas 75% of citizens aged 65-74 voted in that same election. By voting in the 2015 election you can change this and make sure that you are the one making choices for your own future.

3.       Your money. You pay for decisions that politicians make. The funds that politicians use for their projects are created by taxes that you pay. Voting for a politician that supports your ideals makes sure that your money goes towards causes you care about.

4.       Warm-up.As a last thought, registering to vote in the federal election is a great way to warm up for upcoming Teaching Award nominations. While you choose who to vote for in this year’s election, also keep an eye out for your favourite professor and TA. Make sure you nominate them starting Oct. 5th!


If you haven’t already registered to vote. Here are a few things you should consider doing. Start by registering to vote on this website: https://ereg.elections.ca/TimeOut.aspx Then, in the upcoming weeks vote! There are three main ways you can vote on campus:

Satellite Polls(Oct. 5th-8th) will be available in Celebration Hall (KTH B116). This is a great option for you if you are voting away from home!

Early Polls(Oct. 9th-12th)

Election Day(Oct. 19th ) If you are off-campus or a commuter check your polling station online. If you are living on campus, you can vote from Les Prince.

Mail-inThe deadline to register online for this option is Oct. 13th

For more information on voting check out the MacVote’s website: https://www.msumcmaster.ca/macvotes

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