Fresh pastries available at Union Market

November 23, 2015 at 18:00 pm

The MSU Union Market, operated entirely by MSU members, has sold bagels, coffee, snack food, and cold drinks at the lowest prices on campus since it opened in 2002. As of November 2015, Union Market also sells hot savoury pastries in four healthy varieties: Leek Parmesan, Tomato and Olive, Egg, and Spinach and Feta, available fresh for pickup in store at the low price of $2.65 plus tax.


In addition to a wide variety of food and beverages, Union Market offers marketing opportunities, primarily to MSU services and clubs, via advertisement stickers on coffee sleeves and advertisement space on the two highly visible TV screens in the store. Poster space is also available in Union Market, again primarily for MSU businesses and services. See the Union Market webpage for more information.


“Union Market is now selling delicious, freshly baked pastries,” said Hooria Raza, Union Market Manager. “These pastries are a great new addition to our grab and go items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”


Information about the products and services available at Union Market can be found on the webpage. Union Market is also on Facebook and Twitter. Any questions can be directed to


Hooria Raza, Union Market Manager

905-525-9140 ext. 22544

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