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July 24, 2016 at 19:46 pm


Unbeknownst to me I am the education and advocacy coordinator for Mac Farm stand, so for better or worse I am going to try to educate and advocate. The best action to take when one does not know what do is to simply get out in the world and act! Motion creates emotion and when you find emotion you get passionate, and when one finds passion things really get fun. I had the desire to see farm animals, so I set off in search of such creatures. The first two places I went to had no animals. However, the second place I visited, Dyment’s Family Farm, happened to have butter tarts. It would be an injustice of the highest magnitude to describe these butter tarts via written format, but if I had to come up with one word to define them it would be dreamy. The crust was super tender flaky-fall-a-party and the butter tasted as if it belonged in a French museum.


After I regained consciousness from the butter tarts I continued on my quest to find farm animals and fortunately Dutch Mill Country Market had what I needed. Now, I did not find Noah’s arch but I saw alpaca’s. Seeing these furry animals for the first time made me think how am I only seeing these animals the first time! In addition to the alpacas, Dutch Mill had shopping that was too much to handle. ‘I should have brought more money’, this was the thought running through my head. I left without eating anything due to an unfortunate sequence of events. I would get into the details of what foods I witnessed, but it would be too traumatizing to relive what I did not eat.


I came home with many items that day; buying grass fed sausage from Harrington Lane Farms, which was the first farm stop, in Waterdown was a highlight. The sausage special on Monday was $5 for a pack of 4! Grass is the food animals are meant to eat, sadly our society values cost more than quality and most animals are not fed grass. My mom was quite upset that I had bought more stuff than we had available fridge capacity, but her aggression diffused with a kiss and hug. The super cool part about getting away to these farms is that visiting them feels like going on vacation, yet they are only a 20-minute drive from Mac!


It is rare for one to personally have a direct and positive impact, but by buying locally produced grass feed pork and butter tarts has the effect of: helping the local economy, reducing your carbon footprint, and taking money away form the evil corporate monsters and giving it to the struggling mom and pop places. They had me at butter tarts, but since these purchases are making a positive difference I will have to endure eating a few more. 

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On August 1 2016 at 10:32 PM Carlo said:

great to see that Adam is the one to convey the greatness of these local stores XD must buy butter tarts :P

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