The Sustainability Student...Adam Chiaravalle Cares Edition 2

August 8, 2016 at 23:35 pm



If pasta carbonara rings a bell you are probably salivating, if the dish is unfamiliar to your ears than I feel bad for you. Pasta carbonara is one of Italy’s most famous dishes and it soothes the soul just as a spoon full of honey soothes a sore throat, if I do not have it once a month I may disintegrate!


So, I went to Picone Fine Food in Dundas to get the ingredients for the carbonara with a friend. Freshfettuccine pasta, eggs, pecorino romano cheese and gunciale were the ingredients for the Carbonara. Some may tremble when they find out that gunciale is pork cheek. My response to anyone one who doubts gunciale’s ability be anything less than a riveting taste experience is that it is a less greasier tasting bacon that has subtle hints of natural sweetness to it. I was considering dropping that last line to a girl to see where it gets me. If the girl responds by saying she takes her gunciale crispy I will propose.


Any who, why talk about girls when we can talk about Pasta! If you want to experience the high of drugs without actually doing them have a bowl of pasta carbonara. The gunciale and the creamy egg has a richness that seems a bit much, but than the sharp spicy pecorino cheese comes in with a contrast that makes a great day even better!


My friend was shocked at how much this pasta carbonara excursion was costing him. What struck me was how we rarely question inexpensive food purchases. Many of us do not think of it, but there is so more much behind food than just food. When we pay more for local, organic and animal welfare products what is happening is people are payed a wage that reflects their hard labor, less chemicals are being dumped onto a planet that is already on life support and animals are treated as living creatures should. We are all droplets of water that comprise our food system, if we are going to improve it we need to change how we value food.


It is hysterical that most do not flinch when they purchase that $4-7 drink from Starbucks and Booster Juice, but when you ask some one to pay $6 for a carton of local free run eggs they go bonkers. I think if more people were to take into account where there money is going when they buy local they would be less allergic to the prices because the money is going into something bigger. It is very empowering to know that based on how we shop we can be supporting a more sustainable world. Also, shopping at local food stores as opposed to the anemic grocery stores is just so much more fun, the sights sounds and character is way better!


So I dare you to go explore Dundas’s local food scene and to go to Picone Fine Foods to get the ingredients to make pasta carbonara! If you do this there are two possible outcomes. Outcome A: you have a great time in Dundas soaking up a unexplored environment and the pasta carbonara rocks your world. Outcome B: you branch out side your comfort zone and learn that you did not like it. Either way it is a win-win, summer is meant for adventures so go on a local adventure. P.S if you would like the pasta carbonara recipe email me at

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