The Sustainability Student...Adam Chiaravalle Cares Edition 6

September 28, 2016 at 22:22 pm

It happened again and quite frankly I don’t think I could get any angrier at this point. I am sitting at school and I see waves of students walking around with substandard food that they believe passes as lunch. In order to cool off I ate a peach. The peach pacified me just as a soother calms a crying baby; the peach also took me to Italy, a glorious escape from reality. I was sitting in a meadow underneath fig trees with a plate of pasta in one hand and a tennis ball in the other; ready to throw it at rabbits if they dare nibble on the garden. My Italian fantasy ended abruptly and I was back on the hard bench where I sat frustrated. The occasional smoothie may suffice for lunch, pizza quells the hunger pain temporarily and a wrap will always be a mystery of carbs but why are we settling for mediocre meals? Our bodies deserve some real nourishment!

Many moons ago Aristotle said that the point of life was not to survive but to thrive. People may think that I am disgruntled, which I am, but I think that life is too short to eat food that is lackluster and mediocre. It is hard to find great tasting local food while you’re caught up in a tedious course schedule running back and forth across campus. Bummer… oh well what can you do, lets just burry our heads in the sand and continue to eat the quick options that are available. No wait… Never!

Fate rarely extends its hand in generosity, but for some reason it has done just this for McMaster students. What am I talking about? The Local Food Discount Card! Brothers and sisters, rejoice for your lackluster food days are over! The Local Food Discount Card is a FREE card that gives McMaster students a 10% discount at 11 businesses that source food locally. In addition to these places having a focus on local food, the caliber of food they have to offer is too legit to quit.

The best way I can describe the Local Food discount Card is to tell you the effect the food has had one me was a mind-numbing, spine tingling, expectation destroying, piggy bank worth smashing, 10 pounds worth gaining, knee buckling, heart melting, taste bud desiring, eye popping, lip smacking, tongue tingling experience thatsplintered my brain and shook my inner soul to the point where I felt like I was Leo from the Titanic screaming “I’m king of the world” except I was travelling on honey instead of water and the boat was made of pure gold. Are you still with me?

After hearing that slanderous stanza you are qualified to speak in tongues and you also know that the Local Food Discount Card is not messing around! What I really love about the Local Food Discount Card is the sense of story behind the restaurants.

Fast forward to last Thursday, I’m coming home from school and I’m long over due to visit Nellie James Too. So on my way home I decide to pop in. I went right to the back of the kitchen to say hi to Chef Ken. Now usually Chefs are territorial creatures and they do not tolerate people walking into their kitchen, but this was not the case here. Chef Ken and his staff greeted me like a long lost son. I lustfully ordered garlic aioli fries and I was $2.50 short, Chef Ken said to his staff “what do you think guys should we let it slide”? They let it slide and the fries were great! I thanked Chef Ken a thousand times and was on my way home and before I left Chef Ken graciously thanked me for coming in and for the support. I said, “Chef Ken you spotted me $2.50, I appreciate your support”! I then left and by that time it was 9 o’clock at night. Chef Ken and his gang were working like animals; they still had another 2 hours of work ahead of them before they went home.

The last time I cried was in grade 12, but as I was driving home I felt like crying. That moment when Chef Ken thanked me for his support meant everything. The fact that I was able to eat those delicious fries did not matter, what mattered was that I had positively contributed to the community and supported a hard working kitchen staff who cooks to make people happy.

The reason Mac Farmstand is doing this Local Food Discount Card is not just to get kids to make better food choices. Instead, the real point to the Local Food Discount Card is to get students out into their the communities, to support local businesses and to have a great experiences with amazing people like Chef Ken. My French fry experience at Nellie James Too seriously touched me. I have had equally touching, yet different experiences, at the other places on the Local Food Discount Card. I am sure you will enjoy visiting these places too, or at the very least it will be an enlightening experience because these places are unique and offer lessons that go far beyond our taste buds. Its up to you, do you want to have a type of fun you have never had before? Do you want eat food that gives you a glimpse of what heaven is like?

Physical copies of the Local Food Discount Card are available starting this week at Mac Farm stand, which is located outdoors beside the book store on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00-4:00pm. 

If you have any food questions please email me, I would love nothing more than to answer them!

In closing, the Grizzly Bear cannot survive without Salmon, the rainbow does come until the showers are over, and likewise students cannot perform well nor appreciate the amazing things their community has to offer without getting out to the local food establishments Hamilton has to offer. The Local Food Discount card is waiting McMaster, are you ready?

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