Register for ChangeCampX workshops today

October 28, 2016 at 12:21 pm

ChangeCampX is launching this month in an effort to move Change Camp Hamilton action recommendations from idea to project. ChangeCampX is a set of theme-specific workshops aimed to encourage participants to develop project-specific plans and related actions, identify potential collaborators, and commit to advancing the project to implementation.

Each workshop includes an introduction with context on the theme and related action recommendations, followed by presentations on successful partnerships related to the theme. Next is an overview of the steps needed to create change followed by project development and roundtables in order for participants to discuss ideas and next steps. Finally, participants will be provided with a take-home package of guidance, ideas and possible funding supports to move the project forward.

ChangeCampX is a unique opportunity to connect students, staff, faculty, residents and community organizations with common interests in specific action recommendations, as well as to encourage participants to develop strategies for pursuing action recommendations, and provide pathways for partnerships in pursuit of specific projects.

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