Diversity Services: MSU condemns bigoted propaganda

November 21, 2016 at 18:58 pm

Today, posters regarding the “Alt-Right” and “Anti-White Propaganda” were distributed across McMaster University’s campus and in the surrounding Hamilton communities. These posters claimed that white people are deemed racist when they “positively self-identify” and “organize in [their] self interest”, among other things.

What this incident demonstrates is the pervasiveness of white supremacy and reiterates its existence at McMaster. White supremacy is the set of beliefs that our society is built on, through colonialism. It normalizes and holds superior whiteness in relation to people of colour. This has damaging effects on marginalized groups, and is the reason that we need to affirm our identities. It is the reason for why social movements, such as Black Lives Matter, exist. It comes from a place of privilege to assume that these movements aimed at building inclusion are exclusionary. When the need to “organize in [their] self interest” comes from the group that holds power, they are simply upholding this power in our society. This further oppresses subjugated groups.

Here in Canada, we often behave as though we have no connection to racist or colonial narratives. On our campus, we often behave as though we exist in an isolated bubble that does not interact with larger social issues. This is not the case. Recent international events have simply bolstered the confidence of these hate groups. We, as a community, must confront the reality that racism, and specifically white supremacy, is present in society. This is not the first time flyers of this sort have been distributed at McMaster and it certainly will not be the last. 

MSU Diversity Services would like to take this opportunity to restate and reaffirm its commitment to building solidarity with as well as advocating for marginalized groups. We understand the nature of this systemic issue and want to extend ourselves as a pillar of support. 

Religious minorities, racialized students, and Indigenous people are those of us who are directly endangered by the perpetuation of white supremacist ideals. With hate crimes on the rise in Hamilton and throughout North America, is imperative that the needs of these groups are prioritized at this time.

MSU Diversity Services Team

For further questions, please contact:
Ryan Deshpande
Director, MSU Diversity Services


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