UTS releases a $100,000 Campus WIFI Project: Student Feedback Required

October 29, 2012 at 17:13 pm

The McMaster Students Union has been campaigning on student concerns on WIFI service on campus for several years. The University and specifically the University Technology Services (UTS) has responded by starting a $100,000 Pilot Project to upgrade Campus WIFI; based on our conversations we were also able to negotiate an agreement that the allocation will be guided by student feedback! 

Some of the locations we have identified are the Student Centre, TSH + KTH Basement, What are some other locations that need WIFI? 

Fill out the Survey here: https://www.msumcmaster.ca/take-survey/34

If the survey link is giving you an authorization error, you need to login with your MacId on via top right corner of the website! This is to ensure validity. 

For more information please contact Vice President Education Huzaifa Saeed at vped@msu.mcmaster.ca 

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