New Board of Directors takes office on May 1

April 18, 2017 at 09:00 am

Along with MSU President Chukky Ibe, the incoming Vice Presidents take office on May 1, 2017.  The new VPs, along with the MSU Speaker were elected by the incoming Student Representative Assembly (SRA) on April 1 and 2. They share platform points and prioritization on safety and accessibility on campus, as well as improvements within the SRA.

Preethi Anbalagan – Vice President (Administration)
Preethi Anbalagan has previously represented the Faculty of Science on the SRA, as well being the MSU’s Operations Commissioner.Anbalagan’s platform includes safety on campus, as she says that she’s “excited to focus on strategic priorities for Welcome Week and what powerful, effective campaign messaging will look like for our overarching themes this year.” This focus on safety also expands to developing safer campus training.

“I'm looking forward to giving back to my community while prioritizing campus safety, inclusivity and building resilience on campus and within our union.”

The SRA also has a place in Anbalagan’s platform, with her aim to support the SRA in engaging in collaborative efforts to achieve their goals, increasing its accessibility to resources, and creating greater visibility of the SRA on campus.

Ryan Deshpande – Vice President (Education)
Ryan Deshpande’s platform includes improving the academic experience at McMaster through revised exam scheduling and the level of accessibility to lectures by exploring options for more podcasted courses. Deshpande’s also has plans for tackling sexual violence on campus with increased training, as well as food security by offering readily available allergy information as well as increased Halal, Kosher and local food options.

“After going through my four years here, I have had many positive and negative experiences both inside and outside the classroom that motivated me to want to make change, and this is the best way I know how.”

Daniel D’Souza – Vice President (Finance)
“I want to spend this year ensuring that we can provide those supports to students by better engaging them with the MSU through tackling the issues of: 1. Affordable food & space on campus; 2. Experiential opportunities; and 3. Diverse programming and outreach,” says Daniel D’Souza on his platform as Vice President (Finance).

By reimagining unused space at TwelvEighty and decreasing the cost of renting the space, D’Souza hopes to encourage diversity programming. He also plans to collaborate with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce as well as other campus partners to connect students with local businesses and networking opportunities, in order to enrich the undergraduate experience for students as well as prepare them for post-graduation.

Helen Zeng – Speaker
As the MSU Speaker, Helen Zeng plans to create an organized and safe structure on the SRA, through which members can speak freely and engage with pertinent issues.

“I also want to increase promotions for the General Assembly and help SRA members transition well into their roles as student representatives,” says Zeng, which directly aligns with Anbalagan’s platform.

After being involved with the MSU Elections Department for two years, the External Affairs Committee for three, and multiple services, Zeng is excited to engage with the politics of the MSU from an organizational perspective.

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