MSU President pens open letter to students, staff and campus partners

July 4, 2017 at 09:00 am

Chukky Ibe, President of the McMaster Students Union recently shared an open letter to the McMaster community entitled, Trust Your Dopeness.

In his letter, Ibe outlines that the inherent strength of the McMaster student population, is its capacity to help its self. To make his point, he shines light on McMaster’s nationally recognized clubs system, the MSU’s dozens of student-led services, the significant population of students who participate in faculty societies, and to the vast amount of student charity work on local, national and international scales.

Students are willing and capable architects of their own success. What lacks, often, is the ability of students to have meaningful impact on the creation and modification of University-based, student support systems, programs and expenditure decisions.  In addition, student leadership teams in areas such as clubs, services, and societies are often siloed from each other, creating a discontent between planning, advocacy, resource sharing and best practises knowledge.

Recently, to help address said disconnect, the MSU hosted the Vision 17 conference in downtown Hamilton. Student leaders from across all sectors of campus were invited to a day of guided and self-directed seminars, planning exercises and networking opportunities, to help bridge the divide between respective areas of responsibility.

Trust Your Dopeness isn’t simply a call to action for students to work together more. It is a recognition of the power of student voices, as well as the strength of student collaboration. It finishes with a four-point plan that Ibe asks all managers of student services, both within and outside the MSU, to consider in future decision making:

  1.  Building on student assets
  2.  Localization and customization of services
  3.  Making new connections
  4.  Balanced advocacy

These points shall act as a guiding principles, in so much that Ibe believes, “central to this vision is the trust in diverse range of student groups, communities, their resources, and our collective capacity for innovation and excellence”.

Read the complete text here.

Read Chukky's 2017-2018 year plan

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For more information, please contact:

Chukky Ibe
President, McMaster Students Union
905-525-9140 ext. 23885

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