MSU Maroons and Student Success Centre launch livestream series for incoming students

August 2, 2017 at 16:36 pm

The time and energy invested in first year transition initiatives is a hallmark of both the McMaster Students Union and McMaster campus partners.  However, the high volume of initiatives, although honorably intended, can seem overwhelming and confusing to incoming first year students. In particular, the lack of centralized information is noticeable within the chaos of posts on the official McMaster University verified Class of 2021 Facebook group, managed by the Student Recruitment & Admissions Office. 

Recognizing that this Facebook group could benefit from structured releases of information, the MSU Maroons, in collaboration with the Student Success Centre, have brought to life: The Orientation Series. Running as a series of five biweekly Facebook Live video streams directly in the Class of 2021 Facebook group, the mission of the series is to address important first year transition points such as: academic success, MSU services, Welcome Week and ongoing transition tips.

On July 26th, the Maroons and SSC launched the pilot episode on academic success and faculty-specific questions featuring a panel of academic advisors from different faculties. With fifty active viewers throughout the livestream and several students asking questions live, the episode addressed student concerns directly. The stream continued to garner successful outreach, viewed alter by thousands of incoming first year students.

This past weekend, the McMaster Students Union hosted the MSU Horizons Leadership Conference, a leadership development opportunity for incoming first year students looking experience a taste of campus life. Over the course of the conference, several of the MSU Maroons featured in the livestream were recognized and approached by first year students with further questions. Many of the students expressed interest in the Maroons and other services, affirming that the livestream initiative is helping to achieve the Maroons’ goals of connecting students with their resources through passion and spirit.

The MSU Maroons are also planning another livestream event that will connect them to first year students. Inspired by the television show Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, a childhood favourite of the undergraduate demographic, the Maroons will host a lived Q and A titled: “Maroons Declassified: First Year Survival Guide.” The goal of this stream, which will take place on August 16, is to field a high volume of questions, providing unfiltered, genuine answers to incoming students.

Incoming students are encouraged to message the MSU Maroons Facebook page or email the Maroons Public Relations Coordinator, Rhea Deshpande, at for any additional information.


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