Macademics Teaching Awards and Resource Hub launch

October 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm

MSU Macademics is a service that advocates for the improvement of the quality of education on campus, and recognizes teaching excellence by celebrating exceptional professors and Teaching Assistants (TAs) at McMaster. They aim to increase the accessibility of academic resources and make undergraduate academic decisions easier for students. Macademics has created a Resource Hub for McMaster students that consolidates and outlines academic resources.

The Teaching Awards Committee runs nomination periods throughout the year, providing students with the opportunity to nominate their favourite professors and TAs and recognize their distinction and contribution to the Mcmaster community. This term, the Teaching Awards nomination period will be from October 30 to November 10. "Noms for Noms" will take place during the second week from November 6 to 10, an event where students can visit Macademics’ tables in MUSC atrium to nominate a professor or TA, and receive a free baked treat in return. If students are interested in joining the Teaching Awards Committee, they can contact the service using the email

The MSU Course Wiki is an editable database of courses offered at McMaster, designed to give students more information about courses so they can decide what courses are best for them accordingly. The Course Wiki provides helpful information including course content, teaching pedagogy, required materials and the personal opinions of students. It is entirely student-run, with content from students logged into the MSU website with a MacID, and edited by student editors.

Students are encouraged to keep an eye out for information on later events, including Wikithons in early November, Course Evaluations in the first week of December, and the Teaching Awards Ceremony in March.

For more information, please contact:

Ive Velikova
Coordinator, Macademics

905-525-9140 ext. 27202

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