MSU welcomes 2018-2019 Board of Directors

May 1, 2018 at 09:00 am

MSU President Ikram Farah, and the three Vice Presidents of the MSU take office on May 1, 2018. Together, the team shares numerous objectives, including reviewing the exam schedule structure to better suit students, prioritizing club support, and making changes to structures and services on-campus.

Ikram Farah - President

Ikram Farah will soon be graduating from Honours Labour Studies and Political Science. Her hometown is Mississauga, and she is a fan of chai lattes and the TV show Friday Night Lights. Farah was involved with multiple services, including Horizons and the MSU Maroons, and served on the Student Representative Assembly.

“I recognize that there is a lot of trust put into our leaders and often, there is more uncertainty,” says Farah. “The MSU is meant to represent and serve students, and I want to demonstrate to different communities the resources that are available to them.”

In addition, Farah wants to make changes to the McMaster Student Absence Form (MSAF) and alter the exam schedule to make the exam period more accessible for students. She plans on collaborating with clubs, advocating for better lighting on and off campus, extending GO Bus hours, and decreasing physical barriers on campus. 

Kristina Epifano - Vice President (Administration)

Kristina Epifano is finishing up her fourth and final year of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (PNB) in the faculty of Science. Her hometown is Ottawa, where her family and dog reside. She enjoys catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and can typically be found with a coffee in hand. Previously, Epifano worked as the Associate Vice-President (Services), and volunteered her time with Horizons, CLAY and as a Residence Orientation Representative during Welcome Week.

Some of Epifano’s main platform points focus around the areas of support and collaborating with other groups on campus to holistically enhance the student experience. She aims to “be more active in giving support and open more avenues for the Board to be a resource to part time managers and SRA members.” In addition, Epifano wants to ensure peer support volunteers are trained together on research-based peer support training and put an emphasis on intersectionality in the delivery of peer support.

Epifano also wants to standardize hiring practices and build bridges between the MSU and other groups on campus, including Student Accessibility Services, Equity & Inclusion Office, and Athletics and Recreation while also supporting the Clubs Department.

Stephanie Bertolo - Vice President (Education)

Stephanie Bertolo is graduating from Arts & Science this year, and has grown up in Hamilton. When she isn’t participating in advocacy, Bertolo enjoys baking, enjoying local art and hanging out in coffeeshops. Bertolo spent the last year as the Associate Vice-President (Municipal Affairs), has authored multiple policies, and built strong relationships with on-campus organizations.

Some of Bertolo’s goals aim to make changes to the academic experience for McMaster undergrads. She plans on “advocating for structural changes to the exam schedule in order to reduce conflicts and make the process of deferring an exam more accessible and convenient,” in addition to advocating for “No Sick-Note Policy.”

Bertolo wants to work with the City of Hamilton to increase students' education on housing and parking by-laws and advocate to the provincial government for a more affordable post-secondary education.

Scott Robinson - Vice President (Finance)

Scott Robinson is majoring in Economics, and considers himself a true Hufflepuff. While not in Hamilton, Robinson is likely to be found in his hometown of Niagara-On-The-Lake. His general interests and hobbies include groovy low-volume funk music, developing his own small-batch wine brand, and playing rock music in a band.  He was recently employed as the Associate Vice-President (Finance) and previously served on the SRA.

Robinson wants to continue to grow our business units and develop new revenue streams within and for the MSU. In relation to TwelvEighty, Robinson plans to “initiate a focused group sales strategy and redesign the in-restaurant promotional strategy.” He has a focus on optimizing student space, in relation to the upcoming Student Activity Building and MUSC.

Moreover, Robinson aims to work towards modernizing and improving the communication strategies used. He also wants to make improvements to the clubs system and increase support to the Clubs Department.

Elizabeth Wong - Speaker

As the MSU Speaker, Elizabeth Wong is looking forward to supporting  members of the Student Representatvie Assembly in their leadership roles as representatives of their faculties. “I want to create an environment wherein SRA members feel inclined and encouraged to engage in thoughtful discussion and openly discuss agenda items," says Wong.

 After serving as the Student Trustee at Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and as a member of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association, Wong is excited to engage with students within the governmental framework of the SRA.

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