2018 McMaster University Budget Submission

October 1, 2018 at 09:00 am

The McMaster Students Union has made several recommendations to McMaster University as part of its annual budget process in the form of a university budget submission. To ensure that student priorities are included in the McMaster University Budget, the MSU outlined recommendations surrounding four key areas of investment, in addition to the reallocation of funding from two areas.

The first recommendation is that the University should provide funding for 50% of the net cost of Emergency First Response Team (EFRT) at an annual cost of $11,922. EFRT is a highly regarded on-campus service that has necessary equipment and staffing expenses. While the entire McMaster community (including staff, faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students) has access to EFRT’s services, only slightly above half are undergraduates.

Another recommendation is for the Student Wellness Centre (SWC) to receive funding to support the hiring of an additional trauma counsellor, and the Equity and Inclusion Office (EIO) to receive additional funding to support increased Sexual Violence Response efforts. A significant amount of the work surrounding sexual violence support and prevention on campus is facilitated by MSU staff and volunteers. Following through on this recommendation would help meet the demands for training, support, and counselling of the SWC and EIO while working to help reduce campus sexual violence.

The MSU proposes the allocation of funding to the Registrar’s Office to hire a Work-Study student in order to allow for the earlier release of exam schedules. Having exam schedules released by the 5th Monday of the Fall and Winter terms respectively would make exam periods feel more manageable and accessible, and lessen the burden of scheduling how and when to study for exams.

Due to the financial burden of increasing textbook costs, the MSU recommends that the University should designate $50,000 to support professors in developing and refining Open Educational Resources (OERs). Defined as learning materials that are free to use, OERs serve to benefit students while providing a high quality education.

Lastly, the MSU proposes two reallocation of funding. The University should implement projects that reduce overall energy usage by 1% for a savings of $400,000 while decreasing the University’s carbon footprint. Also, the University should cease to operate and fund the Learning Portfolio and not extend the subscription to PebblePad due to respective financial and academic failures, which would result in a savings of over $700,000.

For more information, please contact:

Stephanie Bertolo
Vice President (Education)

(905) 525 9140 ext. 24017

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