Vote for the idea finalists for the Student Life Enhancement Fund until February 12

February 8, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Voting is open for the Student Life Enhancement Fund (SLEF) ideas until 11:59 PM on February 12. SLEF received over 50 ideas this year, submitted by students. The final list of ideas was based on the most popular themes across all submissions. All ideas were vetted by students, and subsequently ranked on affordability and ease of implementation. Vote via (note that a valid Mac ID is required to vote).

“You can now vote on the top ideas that you think will result in the greatest change for students on campus”, says Alexandrea Johnston, Associate Vice-President Finance. “The great thing about SLEF is that it impacts every student, as we all know of areas on campus that could use enhancement.”

The final 10 ideas are: ClubSpace Renovation, Enclosing the MUSC 3rd Floor Patio, Expanding Capacity in The Grind, More Active Equipment in Libraries, More Outdoor Study Spaces, More Seasonal Affective Disorder Lights for Libraries, New McMaster Sign on Main Street, Study Pods in Libraries, Umbrella Renting System,  and Upgrade the Lot M Shuttle.

The Student Life Enhancement Fund encompasses $100,000 annually, and thus cannot fund all projects on the final list. Voting gauges student interest on ideas, and priority for funding will be given to the highest ranked preferential votes. The final approval comes from the Student Services Advisory Committee, comprised of members from the MSU and McMaster University.

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