MSU Welcomes 2019-2020 Board of Directors

May 2, 2019 at 14:24 pm

MSU President Josh Marando and the three Vice Presidents of the MSU take office on May 1, 2019. Together, the team shares numerous objectives, including decreasing financial barriers to students attending university, increasing student safety, and addressing changes from the Student Choice Initiative.


Josh Marando - President

Josh Marando will soon be graduating from his fourth and final year of Arts & Science. His hometown is King City, and he is a lover of musicals, his dog, and coffee. Marando previously served as the Welcome Week Faculty Coordinator, was involved with the McMaster Musical Theatre as an executive and cast member, and was also a Spark Volunteer Coordinator.

Some of Marando’s platform points include creating an enclosure over the MUSC 3rd floor terrace, increasing student safety on/off of campus, and improving the MSU's and University’s sexual violence supports and response.


Sarah Figueiredo - Vice President (Administration)

Sarah Figueiredo is graduating this year with an Honours BA in Economics (Specialist). Although Figueiredo started in life science during her first year, she found a passion for economics while at McMaster. She is from Cambridge, Ontario, where she had her first job working in a butter tart bakery. Figueiredo loves late night TV and thinks going to movie theatres is severely underrated. Previously, she worked for Residence Life in a variety of roles, volunteered with Horizons for three years, and was also involved with McMaster Musical Theatre.

Some of Figueiredo’s main platform points focus around implementing an AVP Equity to provide greater assistance to part time managers (PTM) directly involved with peer support, training for the hiring boards responsible for hiring PTMs, and skill development sessions for Student Representative Assembly members to enhance collaboration and cohesion.


Shemar Hackett - Vice President (Education)

Shemar Hackett is graduating from Social Psychology this year with a minor in religious studies, and grew up in Toronto before moving to Brampton to live. Hackett loves to cook and is obsessed with Marvel movies and Game of Thrones. Hackett spent the last year as the Associate Vice-President (Municipal Affairs), served on the Student Representative Assembly, and was a Welcome Week representative for the Social Sciences faculty.

Hackett’s platform focuses on increasing the financial accessibility of post-secondary education, improving the in-classroom academic success of students, and breaking down the barrier between the student body and the MSU, as well as advocating to the University to implement TA training and work towards reducing the number of “high-risk” exams.


Alexandrea Johnston - Vice President (Finance)

Alexandrea (Alex) Johnston is wrapping up her final year of Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (PNB). She is from Muskoka, where her two golden retrievers and family live. She loves to travel, read, and watch Ellen DeGeneres clips. Johnston has previously been involved as a Welcome Week representative and within the McMaster Science Society, in addition to serving as the Associate Vice-President (Finance) this past year.

Johnston’s main platform points focus on ensuring the longevity of our business units, increasing financial and operational transparency, and working to address and plan for changes as a result of the Student Choice Initiative. On top of this, Johnston plans to provide more ongoing support to our faculties and services.


Maryanne Oketch - Speaker

As the MSU Speaker, Maryanne Oketch wants to use her previous experience on the Student Representative Assembly to help support members of the 2019 - 2020 Student Representative Assembly. In addition, Oketch is looking forward to analyzing the promotional strategies of General Assembly to raise the attendance of the event.

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