UPDATE: Systematic review of Maroons and MSU policies and procedures relating to sexual violence and response

May 15, 2019 at 12:00 pm

The systematic review of the policies, practices, and procedures of the Maroons, as well as the MSU as a whole as they relate to sexual violence and response is ongoing. Karen Bridgman-Acker, an external consultant from HRProactive, is leading the review and to date has conducted several in-person interviews with students, MSU volunteers and staff, and McMaster community stakeholders. Karen is an expert in workplace harassment and human rights investigations.

To gain further insight and recommendations, an online survey is available to anyone who wishes to participate in the investigative process. All responses and data collected by the survey can only accessible to Karen. To be clear, the survey data cannot be accessed by any MSU staff member, volunteer or director.

Please note, Karen will be out of the office until May 29, but will be reviewing the survey information collected upon her return. The survey will guarantee anonymity, though it does asks for contact information, so that Karen may follow up with an individual regarding statements and concerns. Follow-up may be done via phone, email (karen@hrproactive.com), or she can meet in person anywhere within the Hamilton area (on or off campus).

Recommendations based on the data gathered during the review will not include the names of participating individuals and will be aggregate in nature. The survey can be found here. People are encouraged to share the survey link widely.

For more information, please contact:

Karen Bridgman-Acker
(905) 483-7876

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