We often ask past delegates to share their experience at CLAY. These are a few of thousands of CLAY alumni.

"CLAY was honestly the best time ever! I met some of the most amazing people and made many new friends that I will never forget. The four days consisted of many indoor and outdoor activities that were a blast!- especially the semi-formal and the talent show. Not only was it incredibly fun, I also learned a lot about how to be a great leader! Don’t miss out!"
--- Sandra, St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School

"My experience at clay was definitely life changing. I challenged myself through activities and mini-sessions to speak up out of the crowd and not be afraid to let others hear my opinion. I shouldn’t say it taught us to be leaders, but more that it shaped us to be leaders. I used the skills I learned at Clay and took them back to my school, and I have definitely seen some positive outcome with the change. Not to mention, I made friends with some of the most amazing people, and almost half a year later I talk to a lot of them. It’s such a fun weekend, that just gets you thinking, what can I do? In this world, in my school, or in my community! CLAY IS AMAZINGGG!"
--- Shadrack, Innisdale Secondary School

"CLAY was one of the most tiring, exciting, intense experiences of my life. It was 3 days of cheering, learning, laughing and awesomeness. i learned so much about the world, other people, other places. i attended CLAY for two years in a row and it was so great to see people that i knew from the year before, leaders and even doing some of the same stuff was still just as exciting. i made friends from so many different towns and cities, people that i still talk to and visit, people who think like me. the people of CLAY are my people!! the leaders also are such inspirational dedicated enthusiastic people. the whole experience was one of a kind, entirely eye opening and just an all round blast."
--- Linnaea, Orangeville District Secondary School

"Clay is a life changing experience, you will never understand what i’m talking about until you actually attend CLAY. I personally made a friend that i have for a lifetime now, and i’m sure you guys will also have experiences that you will remember for the rest of you life. When i say life, i actually mean it. Its not one of those things that you forget about a week or two after its finished."
--- Deep, St. Augustine Secondary School

"I just want to say Clay was the best thing that happened to me in my life, it changed my life a lot , it showed me that there where people like me in the world who want to be leaders. What I most like about Clay was the great university student who taught us a lot I loved how they were so caring and just made the entire experience so fun. I LOVE CLAY AND IT IS SOMETHING I STILL TALK TO MY FRIENDS ABOUT HOW THEY MISSED THE BEST THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN. They also gave me great advice about my future."
--- Jay, St. Augustine Secondary School

"Alright, to be honest i had a total blast at Clay. It provides an environment where everyone is completely free to let go, be themselves and just have a great time. I think it really allowed me to appreciate all the things that people have in common, as well as brought out everyone’s individuality. It was an experience that I’ll never forget, and I met some friends that will last a lifetime."
--- Cat B, Bishop Paul Francis Reding Secondary

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