The CLAY 2017 Planning Team

Name: Monica Sadik

Program & Year: Level II Honours Human Behaviour

Position: Outreach Coordinator

Contact: CLAY_Recruitment@msu.admin.mcmaster.ca

Fun Facts: In the 10th grade I made a business of selling hair elastics at my school and I made almost $100 from sales

Why they love CLAY: I love CLAY because it’s the best way I know how to give back to a city that raised me. I love CLAY because it believed in me. CLAY pushed me further than I ever thought I could go. CLAY taught me that leadership comes in so many different ways and forms. CLAY took a chance on me and I couldn’t help but love it in return.


Name: Jess Gut

Program & Year: Arts & Science II

Position: Outreach Coordinator

Contact: CLAY_recruitment@msu.mcmaster.ca

Fun Facts: I’m actually a rapper, so you can also call me Kid Gutty. I enjoy wearing blankets as togas, binge watching TedTalks, avocado toast, and competitive Scrabble tournaments. Sometimes I like being active and playing sports, and sometimes I become one with my bed.      

Why they LOVE CLAY: CLAY is an experience like no other – the atmosphere is one that encourages authenticity, self-discovery, and compassion. It’s a chance to learn from the incredible people around you and to learn about yourself at the same time. CLAY challenges you to be vulnerable and to make the experience your own. (Also, the lanyards are beautiful.)


Name: Victoria Bridgens

Program & Year: Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law, Level III

Position: SeSsI0nS CoOrdInAt0R

Contact: clay_manual@msu.mcmaster.ca

Fun Facts: I lived on a boat for the first 5 years of my life and absolutely love the water so I am excited to go swimming at CLAY 2017 (kidding the lake is off limits)

Why they LOVE CLAY: At the end of my first year I was fortunate enough to be a part of CLAY 2015 on the staff team. Going into conference was an intimidating thing because I had never done anything like this before. I did not believe I had what it took to be a “leader.” CLAY completely changed my trajectory of what it leadership is. I came out of the conference with much more confidence in myself and had learned so much from the other staff members and especially the delegates who attended the conference. CLAY is an environment that fosters growth, self-exploration, and community. I stepped out of my comfort zone to be a part of this wonderful conference and I encourage you to do the same! 


Name: Sam Aung

Program & Year: Honours Life Science III

Position: Session Coordinator

Contact: clay_manual@msu.mcmaster.ca

Fun Facts: I have a 11 year old sister and my black belt in karate

Why they LOVE CLAY: I love CLAY because it is an opportunity for Mac Students to get involved in the Hamilton community and it helps students realize their potential as leaders


Name: Sowmya Karthikeyan

Program & Year: Honours Life Sciences, Level 2

Position: Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator

Contact: clay_fundraising@msumail.ca

Fun Facts: I am a peanut butter enthusiast.

Why they LOVE CLAY: I love CLAY for the positivity that it invokes. It gives a message of acceptance and celebration of difference, which makes each day that much happier for individuals!


Name: Josh Marando

Program & Year: Arts and Science, Level II

Position: Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator

Contact: clay_fundraising@msu.mcmaster.ca

Fun Facts: I know all the lyrics to the song U.G.L.Y

Why they LOVE CLAY: I love CLAY because it is so SPECIAL and FUN! It provides such a unique experience for everyone involved and is just super amazing!


Name: Joshua Yachouh

Program & Year: Integrated Sciences, Level II - Concentration in Biology

Position: Events Coordinator

Contact: clay_events@msu.mcmaster.ca

Fun Facts: My first name is the English translation of my last name!

Why they LOVE CLAY: I love CLAY because it's a safe space where delegates can develop strong relationships from somewhere outside of their day-to-day routine.


Name: Marina Bredin

Program & Year: ArtSci, IV

Position: Events Coordinator

Contact: CLAY_events@msu.mcmaster.ca /react-text

Fun Facts: I love innertube waterpolo almost as much as I really hate spicy food; that about sums me up!

Why they LOVE CLAY: I love CLAY because it is an opportunity for students in high school and at Mac to foster leadership skills and experience a community of trust and belonging. CLAY reminds us all why it is so important to share, learn, and live life together!


Name: Lindsay D'Souza

Program & Year: Honours English with a Specialized Minor in Commerce, Level III

Position: Volunteer and Logistics Coordinator

Contact: clayexec@msu.mcmaster.ca

Fun Facts: I love exploring new places -restaurants, galleries, cities, you name it! Some of my favourite places are a result of good spontaneity. I enjoy healthy food recipes and hot yoga. If you find new music playlists worth listening to, send them my way!

Why they LOVE CLAY: I love CLAY because it's an opportunity for self-growth. CLAY allows individuals to express their passions, find purpose, and display their resilience to overcome obstacles together.


Name: Kayla Da Silva

Program: Multimedia & Communications Studies, Level III

Position: Media and Design Coordinator

Contact: clay_manual@msu.mcmaster.ca

Fun fact: My hair colour is currently blue and green (The MSU CLAY colours)!

Why they LOVE CLAY: I love MSU CLAY because it gives students the chance to see beyond high school. Not only does this conference foster self-growth in leadership, but it creates friendships that can last a lifetime.


Name: Taylor Bridgens

Program: Honours Life Science, Level IV

Position: Coordinator

Contact: clay@msu.mcmaster.ca

Fun Facts: I really really love the ocean, climbing things, the outdoors, dogs, and green tea with lots of milk!

Why they LOVE CLAY: I love CLAY for a million and one reasons!!! CLAY allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and learn from everyone around you. CLAY has shaped every aspect of my university experience! It is where I met some of my best friends and when I finally found a community where I felt like I belonged! I am so excited to get to work with all of the phenomenal and incredibly amazing people above and can’t wait to see what CLAY 2017 brings!

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