Advertising at UM

Union Market now offers two marketing opportunities for those interested: coffee sleeve advertisements, and TV advertisements.

Visitors to the Union Market will notice that the coffee sleeves will often have stickers on them, advertising different clubs and events being run at McMaster.

If you’re interested in doing similar advertising, please check out the following links:

Advertising Guide

Advertising Form

The Union Market also has two TVs installed in highly visible locations (over the cash and facing the door) for displaying slideshows of ads. If you would like your ad included in the slideshow, please email unionmarket@msu.mcmaster.ca with either a Powerpoint slide or an image file of an appropriate size and resolution. For MSU clubs and services the slide will remain in the slideshow for one week for a cost of $20; for all other groups, the cost is $30.

Any advertising at Union Market will be included at the Manager's discretion.

If you are looking to put a poster up in Union Market, please leave a copy either in the Union Market Mailbox (located in MUSC 201), or drop one off to either the Manager or Assistant Manager. Preference will be given to MSU Businesses and Services, followed by approved MSU Clubs. We cannot guarantee that all posters will be displayed. We will not accept rave cards or anything else to be left at the cash registers.
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Contact Details

Lilia Olejarz - Manager
905-525-9140 ext 22544

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