Q: Are you hiring?

A: Check the MSU website. Any openings at Union Market will be posted on the MSU Jobs Portal. Usually, we hire in the summer to start the following September, but the exact timing changes year to year. We also occasionally hire mid-year, depending on the coverage of shifts.


Q: Do you have any chocolate milk?

A: If the fridge is empty, it means we’re in a chocolate milk crisis. The Chocolate Milk Monster is an elusive creature. It’s a constant game of hide and seek, and if we lose the game, we don’t get chocolate milk. Our staff is working on their hunting skills though, so hopefully we won’t run out again!

Q: Can you please start carrying <insert product name here>?

A: It’s definitely something we can look into . Drop us a line, and we’ll look to see if our suppliers carry it, and if it’s something good, we’ll try our hardest to bring it in.

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Contact Details

Lilia Olejarz - Manager
905-525-9140 ext 22544

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