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Welcome to Bridges Café

Bridges Café is a space that serves to build and maintain a campus that celebrates, advocates, and ensures inclusiveness and diversity in areas including, but not limited to, ethnicity and culture, faith and spirituality, gender, abilities, and sexual orientation. All guests at Bridges Café are expected to abide by McMaster’s anti-discrimination and anti-sexual harassment policies.



Event Booking

Bridges Café may be booked for private and public events through MSU Diversity Services during the academic year (Labour Day to the last day of exams in April). The Bridges Coordinator supervises all events, and you must check in with the Bridges Coordinator before beginning to set up for your event. Most information on Bridges Cafe can be found in the following sections and in the Bridges booking procedure, but if you cannot find an answer to your question, please e-mail bridges@msu.mcmaster.ca.

Mandate and Philosophy

Bridges is a venue where groups are encouraged to come together to build an inclusive community through equity and diversity initiatives. Diversity Services encourages students and faculties to utilize Bridges Café to the best of their capacity to support the celebration of cultures, diversity of opinions and ethnicities, gatherings of the community, and much more.

Cost to book Bridges Café

Booking Bridges Café is free. Events that require an admission fee to enter the space will not be approved. Voluntary donations for charitable events are permitted. Raised funds must go towards charities that are recognized by Canadian Revenue Agency and cannot be used to pay for any cost associated to hosting event (e.g. catering and posters).


Sound Equipment

Bridges Café offers audio equipment free of charge. The Bridges Coordinator operates the sound board which is connected to speakers. 


Bridges Café can provide:

1) TWO wireless microphones with 2 micstands

2) An aux cable (4 feet) to connect devices, such as laptops and phones, to the speakers. 


The intention of using any audio equipment must be communicated on the application for Bridges Café


Services that are not provided and MUST be brought (if required): 

1) A patchcord to connect guitars to amplifiers 

2) Guitar amplifiers

3) Musical instruments like keyboards, pianos and guitars

4)  If you need to connect a projector to the speakers, please rent an "In7" cable to do so. 

External equipment (e.g., rentals from Long & McQuade) are permitted as long as the external equipment is not connected to Bridges Café's audio equipment (e.g., a Long & McQuade mic connected to a Bridges Café speaker).



Bridges Café is a meat and alcohol free space. Food can be provided by Paradise Catering catering@mcmaster.ca. Coffee and snack orders must be confirmed five business days prior to the event date. Dinner food options must be confirmed ten business days prior to the event date. Late orders are subject to a 10% late fee. 

Available Booking Times

The booking can be up to 3 hours including set-up and take-down. Note that you are not permitted to set-up before your booking start time. The space must be cleaned, furniture returned to their original positions using the furniture maps, and vacated no later than 11:00pm. Event planners are required to check in and out with the bridges coordinator before and after their event.


The following are hours available for booking (subject to change based on the availability of the Bridges Coordinator):


Monday: 8:00pm to 11:00pm            Thursday: 8:00pm to 11:00pm

Tuesday: 8:00pm to 11:00pm             Friday: 3:30pm to 11:00pm

Wednesday: 8:00pm to 11:00pm       Saturday and Sunday: Please inquire


Booking Procedure


  1. The primary event organizer (PEO) is required to check the calendar below for dates when Bridges is available.
  2. The PEO must fill out the Application for Bridges Café (Microsoft Form) one full month prior to the event date (exceptions will be made for events taking place in September). If you wish to make multiple bookings, fill the form out once and e-mail bridges@msu.mcmaster.ca with the additional dates. 
  3. Once Diversity Services sends a confirmation e-mail as a virtual calendar invitation, this means that the PEO has a tentative booking and their event has been added to the public MSU Diversity Services calendar located at the bottom of this page. Be prepared to produce the confirmation email either virtually or by paper at anytime during the event in Bridges Café. 
  4. The MSU Underground printing must approve any marketing material for events in Bridges Café and a copy must be sent to bridges@msu.mcmaster.ca within 24 hours of Underground’s approval.
  5. The booking is confirmed when the PEO e-mails bridges@msu.mcmaster.ca an approved Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services (EOHSS) form and receives a reply from the Bridges Coordinator. You can apply for EOHSS approval here. This must be e-mailed a minimum of 5 business days before the event otherwise the PEO forfeits the event date. Please note that EOHSS applications require a minimum 10 business days to be approved which means you should apply for it at least 15 business days before your event booking.
  • In order to apply for an EOHSS application you must be a recognized MSU club or be a recognized faculty club/organization and contact your faculty society.
  • If your organization does not follow the criteria above please email bridges@msu.mcmaster.ca for further assistance.
  • Any food requirements for events must be arranged via Paradise Catering catering@mcmaster.ca or 905 525 9140 x24836 10 business days prior to event date to avoid late charges.

Please click here to access the Application for Bridges Cafe Form, or click on the Surveys link in the sidebar.

See the calendar below for dates where Bridges is not already booked. Please note, due to limited availability of the Bridges Coordinator, there are only supposed to be 5 events per week.

Contact Details
After reading the above information, if you cannot find an answer to your question, please e-mail the Bridges Coordinator, Connor Blakeborough, at bridges@msu.mcmaster.ca for more information.

Contact Details

Mijia Murong
905 525 9140 x26603

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