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MSU Diversity Services exists in order to celebrate, unite, and advocate with the variety of diverse groups on campus within the realm of race, ethnicity, culture, faith, and indigenous affairs. In order to accomplish this, we help to plan, support and promote events that allow McMaster students to fully experience the differences that make our campus unique. Recognizing the state of inequity on campus, our service acts to advocate for an inclusive environment in which marginalized groups feel welcome and free to embrace their identity.

In addition, we operate a free event space in Bridges Café after hours for all student groups.Diversity Services is always happy to hear from students who are interested in hosting, helping out at, or participating in events that embrace the diversity of our community. Please feel welcome to contact us for volunteer opportunities, collaborative initiatives, and to promote diversity-related events at McMaster at diversity@msu.mcmaster.ca.

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Diversity Services: MSU condemns bigoted propaganda

November 21, 2016 at 18:58 pm

Today, posters regarding the “Alt-Right” and “Anti-White Propaganda” were distributed across McMaster University’s campus and in the surrounding Hamilton communities. These posters claimed that white people are deemed racist when they “positively self-identify” and “organize in [their] self interest”, among other things.


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