Past Events & Campaigns (Old Structure)

Please note that we have changed our structure. We no longer operate using the pillar system of the past. Instead, we operate through our Community Events & Planning Committee, and our Social & Political Advocacy Committee. Our old programming is outlined below.


The Multiculturalism Pillar aims to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment within the McMaster community for individuals from all backgrounds and cultures. We plan and support events to celebrate the wide variety of cultures on campus, and showcase diversity while creating unity within the student body.


The Interfaith Pillar's goal is to promote faith acceptance, inclusivity, and respect on campus by collaborating with several clubs, committees, and groups. We work towards advocating for the religious needs of students and facilitate a positive environment so they can openly express their beliefs and ideas. We strive to provide a platform for understanding and accepting beliefs other than one’s own through interfaith dialogue and communication.


The Abilities Committee fulfills the duties of the Abilities Pillar, one of the five pillars that help to run Diversity Services events throughout the year. The duty of this committee is to plan and host events throughout the school year that spread disability awareness at McMaster University. We also communicate with services and clubs on campus with similar mandates in order to figure out the best way to spread this message across campus. To see our past events, please click Event.

Indigenous Affairs

The Indigenous Affairs pillar still exists today. In our service, the Indigenous Affairs Liaison works with indigenous student groups on campus to foster an environment that supports decolonization effors and addresses indigenous student needs.

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