Lockers of Love

Lockers of Love is an initiative that gives students and community members a confidential method of assistance in relieving food insecurity. Food Collective Centre partners can order non-perishable food items online with a Unique ID code, and pick them up from a locker on campus within 48hrs. 

Please refer to the 90 seconds/12-question Welcome Form below to generate your Unique ID code. After you have your Unique ID code, please follow the Lockers of Love Order Form link below to start customizing your order.

Click here for the Welcome Form 

Click here for the Locker of Love Order Form


Why Unique ID code?

A Unique ID code protects your identity as we do not require a McMaster-affiliated email adress, full name, or student number. The Unique ID code also ensures that MSU Food Collective Centre stays true to it's Fair Variety Commitment where we ensure fair variety for all our Food Collective Centre partners. More information about our Fair Variety Commitment can be found below.

Contact Details

Hannah Philip
905 525 9140 ext. 23139

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