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The Maroons are a unique MSU service that works to connect the undergraduate student population to the McMaster Students Union and the rest of the McMaster community. As representatives of the MSU, we provide students with information, opportunities and resources to get involved with the various services and business within the MSU. We aim to be the carriers of Marauder spirit on campus, and within the community, through the promotion and organization of countless events to express school pride and unity.


The McMaster Students Union (MSU) has acted as the official voice of the undergraduate students of McMaster University. Today, that voice is being amplified as the Maroons form that connection between the MSU and the general student body. The enthusiastic leaders that make up the Maroons Rep Team act as individual spokespeople for the MSU and help to promote all the incredible services it offers. These reps aim to exemplify what it means to be a MAC student - a student with initiative, drive, energy and lots of spirit.


This year, you’ll see us at numerous events, both around campus and within the Hamilton community. Be on the lookout for our Reps in Maroon jumpsuits during Welcome Week, at Varsity games including Homecoming, and many other events throughout the year! You can also join in on the action by checking our planning committee for the Maroons Formal, signing up for our multiple intramural teams, and helping us out with promotional projects across campus throughout the year. The Maroons are based out of MUSC B111 and hold office hours throughout the week, so feel free to visit and see what we’re up to or join our mailing list to stay in the loop. If you want to get involved, or learn about McMaster and the MSU, the Maroons are a great place to start!


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Hemantika Mahesh
MSU Maroons Coordinator

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