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Applications for our 2018/19 team wil be out end of March.

How is the team selected?

The team selection process consists of 2 components:

  1. Written Application – this is a questionnaire that ensures that you have a sound understanding of the Maroons and what they are all about. This will also be your opportunity to outline where/how you have been involved with the Maroons and campus life this year: committees, events, etc… It will include situational questions, general knowledge and more!
  2. Interview – Upon successful selection in phase 1, you will be invited to an interview. This will be your opportunity demonstrate approachability, energy, enthusiasm, teamwork, how well you work within a group and how you handle situations on the spot.

What do you look for in a rep?

A Maroons Rep must first and foremost be an excellent representative of the MSU and McMaster. Reps are looked up to and seen as role models by incoming first year students and others within the student body, so it is important that all of our reps are willing to take on that role. 

It is also important for Maroons Reps to be energetic, enthusiastic, easy to get along with, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure students have a great experience at all events!

FInally, we are looking for reps who will be dedicated volunteers for the entire year. This role is a yearlong commitment and it is expected that reps will give it their all both during Welcome Week and during the school year.

How can I better my chances of being selected to be part of the team?

If you are looking to be a part of the rep team next year, it's always a great idea to volunteer with the Maroons throughout the year and attend/support Maroons events.

That being said, all applicants are evaluated equally during the team selection process. So even if you haven't gotten a chance to volunteer with us throughout the year, you are still encouraged to apply to be a part of the team!

Is anyone, including previous Maroons reps, guaranteed a spot on the team for next year?

The short answer is NO.

Previous involvement with the Maroons, including volunteer work and otherwise active participation, is surely taken into account when selecting the team. However, no one is guaranteed a spot on the team.

Everyone has to apply from scratch regardless of their previous position, and everyone is evaluated equally throughout the process.

When is this years team seleciton process taking place?

Applications open in February for the next year!

Questions? Contact our current Maroons Coordinator, Karan Chowdhry at maroons@msu.mcmaster.ca!

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