Welcome Week Events

Shinerama Charity Casino

Date: Monday, Aug. 29th

Roll out the red carpet and put your evening wear on, you are invited to a night at the casino! Blackjack, roulette, a poker tournament and poker lessons are only a few of the fun games that students will encounter during the Charity Casino. If poker isn't your thing, don't worry, there are many other events taking place at the casino. Don't forget to grab a refresher from your Maroons who will be making mocktails for the evening. All proceeds go towards Shinerama. 

Bling Bling

Dates: Tuesday, Aug. 30th and Thursday, Sept. 1st

Bling-Bling is a fun way to support your favourite residence or faculty while raising money for Shinerama! There will be buckets set-up at tables throughout Welcome Week and spare change can be brought by to drop into the containers. Dimes are positive points – they earn your Residence or Faculty points. Any other coin or bill is negative points and subtracts from your total. So, you want to put all of your dimes in your Residence or Faculty’s bucket and everything else in the other groups’ containers! For example, if you put in a quarter it is negative 25 points. If you put in a Toonie, it is negative 200 points! In the end you want to be the least negative. So save up your change - you are going to need it!


Bounce A Thon

Date: Wednesday Aug. 31st

New to the McMaster Welcome Week schedule is the Bounce A Thon.  For eight straight hours one person must be jumping in a bouncy castle at all times. This event is a great way to raise awareness of the Shinerama campaign in a fun alternative style.  You can find us on BSB field facing MUSC. Shinerama meets fitness!

Shine Day

Date: Friday, Sept. 2nd 

During Welcome Week, there will be the opportunity to donate to any reps in exchange for stickers, tattoos, lollipops and other cool items.  On Shine Day, students and their Residence/SOCS reps will travel throughout the Hamilton area to raise money for Shinerama by shining shoes, washing cars, playing music as well as any other creative fundraising idea  you can think of (no idea is too big or too small!). This year, our goal is $160,000!! This event is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and contribute to a worthwhile cause!  Snacks will be provided. 

What should I bring to Shine Day? We've got you covered!


Shinerama Taxi

All week!

We will be driving around in the limo golf cart - Shine Taxi to pick you up from any location on campus and drop you off at any location on campus for donations! Call us, beep us if you want to reach us!

Contact Details

Lauren Liu
(905) 525-9140 ext.26575

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