Sidewalk Sale 2017

The Annual McMaster Welcome Week Sidewalk Sale is back by popular demand for its 22nd anniversary!

Sidewalk Sale 2017 will be held on Thursday, September 7th, 2017, with a registration and payment deadline set for Friday, August 11, 2017.

Thursday, September 7th falls within the first week of classes for the 23,000 undergraduate students returning to campus for the school year. The annual sidewalk sale is the premiere opportunity to directly access the student market, leave a lasting impression, and promote your business and/or services to new undergraduate students.

Here are more reasons why you should participate:

  1. An estimated 10,000 students walk through the sale area
  2. Dedicated to businesses
  3. Direct access to the key 18 - 25 age demographic
  4. Prime location in the heart of the campus
  5. Advertising in the Welcome Week Preview of which 10,000 copies are distributed across campus and local community

Check out last year's Sidewalk Sale recap video!

How to Register

Registration for this year’s Sidewalk Sale is online and can be accessed using the registration link provided at the bottom of this page. Please ensure you read the following steps carefully before proceeding to the registration, as the process has been changed this year. 

Step One

Select a space option with or without a Food Permit Fee($32.74 + HST). This fee is mandatory for all those serving NON-PACKAGED food. Note: Refreshment vehicles fully licensed by the city of Hamilton are NOT required to pay the Food Permit Fee.

Once you click register you will be prompted to select from the following 7 space options:

  1. $317.00 + Tax – 6’ Space + 1/8 Page Ad
  2. $349.74 + Tax - 6' Space + 1/8 Page Ad + Food Permit
  3. $645.00 + Tax - 12' x 12' Space + 1/4 Page Ad
  4. $677.74 + Tax - 12' x 12' Space + 1/4 Page Ad + Food Permit
  5. $1148.00 + Tax - 20' x 20' Space + 1/4 Page Ad, AND Online Flyer (New!)
  6. $1180.74 + Tax  - 20' x 20' Space + 1/4 Page Ad, Food Permit AND Online Flyer (New!)
  7. $1148.00 + Tax - 20' x 20' Food Truck Space + 1/8 Pade Ad, AND Online Flyer (New!)

Step Two

Enter your business information, answer the prompted questions, and select any additional options you may want/need:


  1. NEW! Social Media Flyer ($45 + HST) - Send us your logo and have your business/website promoted to over 25,000 in the McMaster community across all MSU Campus Events social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)! All logos must be in a .eps, vector, or .PNG format. Please email the Campus Events Programming Coordinator should you require assistance. Look to the right for a flyer example: 

  2. Power hook-up ($40 + HST) – Vendors must supply their own extension cords.
  3. Overhead tent rental ($142 + HST) – Mandatory through the city of Hamilton for all those selling or giving away NON-PACKAGED food. Please note that this is a 10' x 10' tent rental and therefore NOT available for rental by vendors with a 6' space.
  4. Parking pass ($9 + HST/vehicle) - Parking is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Note: More details on space options and extra options on the registration page.

Step Three

After you have registered, email eventsprogramming@msu.mcmaster.ca with an appropriate black and white ad corresponding to the size included in the space option you selected. Please ensure that the ad is in PDF format and sent in an email with the subject “(Business Name) – SWS Ad.” Dimensions are listed below:

  1. 1/8 page ad= 4.75” across by 3.625” high
  2. 1/4 page ad= 4.75” across by 6.875” high

Note: All ads must be submitted by Monday, August 14, 2017. If you are unable to obtain or create a suitable ad, please email the Programming Coordinator of MSU Campus Events (eventsprogramming@msu.mcmaster.ca) before Monday, August 7, 2017 for assistance.

Keep in Mind

If you have purchased a space option with a Food Permit Fee you are required by the city of Hamilton to complete the City of Hamilton Food Vendor Application Form attached here: FoodVendorApplicationForm2017.pdf (490 KB)

This information is mandatory and will be submitted to the Health and Food Safety Department of the City of Hamilton. Failure to submit the completed form before the registration deadline (Friday, August 11, 2017) by mail, email, fax, or drop off may result in a fine of $23.89 + HST. For any further questions or concerns, please email the Programming Coordinator of MSU Campus Events (eventsprogramming@msu.mcmaster.ca).


Sidewalk Sale Protocol

  • Absolutely no selling of food, beverages, alcohol, or tabacco may be permitted at the event. Any contravention will result in immediate removal from campus by McMaster University Security and a complete restriction from all future campus events.
  • All noise levels from each retail space will be under close scrutiny. This is to ensure that all businesses have an environment in which to conduct their activities.
  • All vendors must recognize and follow University policies and regulations.
  • There are no preferred table/tent locations. The location of your table/tent will only be discussed after a full payment and registration has been received.
  • All vendors must comply with any requests regarding event logistics when approached by event staff.
  • No vendors may depart from the Sidewalk Sale before 4:00PM except in extenuating circumstances with the approval of the Campus Events Assistant Director.
  • Participating vendors consent to video and photo being taken of the event for future promotional purposes
  • Vendors that are giving food away or providing samples must appropriately complete forms provided on registration and follow all distribution regulations as per City of Hamilton, Public Health Services and Food Safety.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

All sales are final. Sidewalk Sale 2017 is a rain or shine event and decision to cancel the event will only be due to extreme weather, or extenuating circumstances.





Should you have any questions or concerns about the event or any part of the registration process please do not hesistate to get in contact with me!



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