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AVTEK offers a variety of services to the McMaster community. Browse below to see some of what AVTEK offers. 


Some AVTEK gear is available for out-the-door rentals. This is great if you have the basic technical knowledge to set up your own event and are capable of transporting the gear to your destination. 

Rental gear includes:

Projectors- we have a great variety of projectors, including short-throw projectors, which can accommodate any size group at any venue.

Projection Screens- we rent basic pop-up screens which can be used for front or rear projection.

Basic PA System- you can rent a single speaker or pair of speakers with a microphone or an external audio input which can be used for public address. Rental of these systems requires you to demonstrate your ability to set up and operate the equipment properly.

Cables & Adaptors- need a Mac-adaptor, an extension cable, or a special adaptor? You can rent a variety of cables and adaptors from AVTEK.

Production Services

AVTEK is proud to offer top-notch production services to the McMaster community at affordable rates. Production services include setup and delivery of gear and expert staff to operate it as required.

Production services include:

PA Systems- AVTEK can set up a PA system with up to 40 inputs (music, microphones, etc.) for public speaking events, conferences, and more. 

Show Production- If you're planning a concert, theatre show, or festival, AVTEK can help to ensure that your audio and lighting are covered. AVTEK has the ability to mix audio for full-bands and stage shows large and small. We also provide stage and ambient lighting services for concerts and shows.

Staging- AVTEK can built you a stage big or small, short or tall. We have a variety of staging setups to help add extra class to your event.

Video Recording- Though we do not offer editing services, we do offer affordable video recording. Our camera records high quality video and audio on an SDHC card. 

TwelvEighty- AVTEK operates the lighting and sound system in TwelvEighty. After booking the facility from the TwelvEighty managers, AVTEK would be happy to assist you with your production needs.

Power Generation- AVTEK owns a small generator that is perfect for small events requiring power in outdoor locations on Campus. Our generator comes fuelled and with the cabling you need to power your event.

Other Services & Rentals

Don't see what you're looking for? There's still a chance that AVTEK has what you need! Contact us via email at eventsoffice@msu.mcmaster.ca and we can help you better understand the services that we offer.

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