Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Process

The applications for both the MSU Merit Award and Lifetime Achievement Award will be evaluated by at least three committee members (including the Chair) based on the following three criteria:
1. Contribution to McMaster student life (e.g.: participation in student events/clubs, impact of teaching on individual students)
2. Contribution to McMaster academia (e.g.: course development, website design)
3. Contribution to community outside of McMaster (e.g.: locally, nationally, internationally)
The Lifetime Achievement Award may be presented each year to an instructor who:
1.  Has shown a dedication to teaching at McMaster University for a minimum of ten (10) years
2..  May or may not have been a recipient of a Faculty Award in the past
3.  Is close to retirement
Nomination Package
The committee will accept applications for this award by instructors who fulfill these preliminary requirements.  In the instructor's application package, the following items must also be included:
1. A letter of support from the Dean/Director of the applicant's faculty or program;
2. At least 10 letters of reference from students, either current, former or both;
3. A detailed CV;
4. A personal information sheet outlining the candidate's name, faculty, date of first teaching appointment at McMaster, dates of any nominations and/or winnings of MSU Teaching Awards;
5. Any other material(s) (e.g.: audiovisuals, newspaper articles, etc.) that would enhance the applicant's application.
Please forward the application packages to the MSU committee office (MUSC 201). We will accept nominations until February 21, 2017 at 5:00PM
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