Monthly Fees can now be paid online here.

NOTE:  New fees as of May 1st for the 2018/19 year:


FULL TIME (5 days/wk)

                Per month for Toddlers                               $   1002.00

                Per month for Preschoolers                      $      813.00

PART TIME (3 days/wk)

                Per month for Toddlers                                $    633.00

                Per month for Preschoolers                       $     508.00

PART TIME (2days/wk)

                Per month for Toddlers                                 $    433.00

                Per month for Preschoolers                        $     345.00


Please note that the reduced rate is due to funding through the City of Hamilton to make child care more affordable for families.  This is one time funding through to the end of  June 2019. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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