Appeals / Electoral Appeal Board

The EAB is the highest level of appeal for MSU elections and referenda. Decisions concerning MSU elections are dealt with by the Elections Committee. An appeal can be submitted to the Elections Committee which will review its initial decision. If the appellant is not satisfied at this time, it is possible to submit the appeal to the Electoral Appeal Board (EAB). 

The EAB is composed of the current MSU Speaker (chair), the Secretary of the University Senate, and a member of the McMaster community. 
A hearing held by the EAB is typically open to any who wish to attend and observe. Attempts will be made to include all relevant parties in future proceedings.  
The Board is comprised of: 
MSU Speaker (Chair): Helen Zeng
Secretary of the University Senate: Ms. Christi Garneau
McMaster Community Member (non-SRA): Dr. Nibaldo Galleguillos
Alternative Member: Saad Syed
Alternative Member: Krithika Seth
Members of the Electoral Appeal Board shall not seek office in an election, support or 
denigrate any candidate, or endorse a position in a referendum administered by the 
Elections Committee during their terms of office.

Contact Details

Peter Belesiotis (CRO)
905-525-9140 ex. 24118

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