First Year Council (FYC) Elections

MSU First Year Council (FYC) is the unique representative body for McMaster first year students that serves to inform and speak for their distinctive needs and concerns. The council represents both current and future first year McMaster students, and ensures that their issues and interests are addressed by acting as a voice, and as a guiding body.








The following are the results of the 2019 FYC Election:

In 2019, 40 candidates were interested in running for 17 First Year Council positions. 

Voter turnout for the 2019 MSU First Year Council Chair and Vice-Chair election was 13.0% with 880 students voting this year. Turnout for Residence Chair elections was 21.3% with 339 students voting. 

Chair: Nerij Sharia

Vice Chair External: Haider Ali Khan

Vice Chair Internal: Alvin Yao

Vice Chair Events: Haley Birch

Bates Residence Chair: Zishan Ahmed*

Brandon Residence Chair: Ana Han

Edwards Residence Chair: Stella Diagoupis

Hedden Residence Chair: Colin McGuigan*

Mary E. Keyes Residence Chair:  Jude Gal

Les Prince Residence Chair: Riley Chung*

Matthews Residence Chair: Tasin Karim*

McKay Residence Chair: Jonathan Paglialunga*

Moulton Chair: Hafsa Paracha*

Peter George Centre for Living and Learning Chair: Jason Bergman

Wallingford Residence Chair: Leila Somani-Davis*

Whidden Residence Chair: Leon Yao*

Woodstock Residence Chair: Sezgi Yanikomeroglu


Thank you to everybody who voted!


Full Election Results (By Position)

FYC Chair Results 2019

FYC Vice-Chair Internal Results 2019

FYC Vice-Chair External Results 2019

FYC Vice-Chair Events Results 2019

FYC Brandon Hall Chair Results 2019

FYC PGCLL Chair Results 2019

FYC Edwards Hall Chair Results 2019

FYC Woodstock Hall Chair Results 2019

FYC Mary Keyes Chair Results 2019


The formal minutes of the Election Committee's First Year Council election fines meeting can be found here

The formal minutes of the Election Committee's first year council election appeals meeting can be found here

First Year Council Positions and Candidates 2019


The primary spokesperson, liaison and advocate for the MSU First Year Council. This person will maintain relationships with other student/university organizations and oversees all FYC meetings. This person is responsible for reporting on the First Year Council to the SRA.


Candidate Social Media and Website 


Daniel Zhang

Hello McMaster first years! My name is Daniel, and I will be running for the First Year Council Chair for the 2019-2020 school year. 

I have one goal: to give all of you an experience that other people won’t even dare to dream of. I want to make our first-year experience so exceptional. Other schools will tremble in their envy of how great our first year will be. If I am elected Chair, you can go to sleep every night knowing that the leader of the Council that advocates for your needs, your concerns, and your interests is someone who will get the job done cleanly and efficiently. I will lead a team that will accomplish my goal: to make your first year the epitome of a university freshman experience.

As FYC Chair, I am not superior to any of you, in any way, shape or form. It’s actually quite the opposite. I advocate for you, the student body. Without you, I am nothing.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielmsufyc/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsmdanielz

Website: https://tsmdanielz.wixsite.com/danielmsufyc



Fabian Short

(Part of Group Campaign - "Better Together")

You First. 
Fabian is a commerce student from Orangeville. He is passionate about leading us into a bright first year. As chair with the Better Together team, he will lead the First Year Council into a year dedicated to Student Wellness, Student Experience and Student Advocacy. He believes that first year is a time to learn, explore, and grow. He intends to take that philosophy into the First Year Council, working for you, and putting You First.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/together_mac/

Medium_img_20190921_035226_846Mehreen Shami

My name is Mehreen and I'm a first year social science student at McMaster. As a natural leader and outspoken student, taking initiative is second nature to me. That's why I didnt think twice before applying for FYC. I think it's important for us first years to have a representative that's openminded and well-rounded, and coming from a diverse background of volunteer and life-experiences, from settling newcomer families, volunteering in various political campaigns, fashion shows, and festivals, to running both production crew and mock trial in highschool, I have the experience and advocacy skills that should be reflected in a leader. And honestly, I'm passionate about advocacy; if theres any issue- from your personal life, to school, to global issues that you want addressed, I'll be your friend, someone to listen and address your concerns- because I'm running for all of us, so we have an epic first year; we're all in this together:)



Muqtadir Hussain

Hello all first years! My name is Muqtadir Hussain (Muq) and I will be running for FYC Chair for the 2019-2020 school year. I am an Engineering student and I currently reside in Hedden Hall. I could brag all I want trying to convince you guys to vote for me but I guess anyone can do that. We all know that actions speak louder than words and I'm here to prove that to you. Make your decision on the 26th of September and give me the chance to come forward and make this year the best there will ever be. I am a friend to all and my first priority will always be the needs of the students.



Nerij Sharia

My name is Nerij Sharia and I am running for the position of Chair for MSU First Year Council. I am running for this position because I am passionate about being able to help others and I enjoy being in roles that require leadership. First Year Council, and especially the position of Chair appealed to me because I want to be involved with the community of McMaster, and this is a great opportunity for that. I want to be able to speak for my fellow first years, but most of all, I want to be able to form many new connections.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nerijsharia

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nerijsharia


Vice-Chair (Internal) 

The Vice-Chair (Internal) acts as spokesperson for the organization and liaison between the First Year Council and the Residence Advisory Council. This individual will act as a primary lead on advocacy related to the living conditions and the students experience of first year students living on McMaster campus.

Candidate Social Media and Website 
Medium_img_2560Alexei Autencio

Alexei is a first year commerce student from Toronto. He is very passionate about being in various Leadership roles as he was heavily involved throughout his four years in High school and plans to continue that within the McMaster community. He enjoys meeting new people, and working alongside his peers in team settings. After feeling at home here at Mac following welcome week, he aims to ensure that everyone here continues to feel the same way in order to provide the most enjoyable first-year experience possible! 

Instagram: instagram.com/aa1exeiautencio

Facebook page: facebook.com/aa1exeiautencio

Medium_downloadAlvin Yao

Hello fellow Marauders! I am delighted to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Alvin Yao, I am currently a student in the Mathematics and Statistic Gateway in the faculty of Science. The reason why I am here is to be considered for the position as vice-chair (internal) for which I will act to improve the living conditions of the students living in McMaster campus. When I assume my role as vice-chair (internal), I will represent you with pride and will serve you with integrity and the ultimate commitment of engaging and guiding you as well as the university in order to uphold the vision of my seniors who conceptualize McMaster as the student-centred institution we have today.  I will be YOUR voice and spread out YOUR ideas to make an impact within the McMaster community. But for us to achieve greater things, I need YOUR support! I want YOU to vote for me to make a much better future for McMaster! Make YOUR VOICE be heard!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alvin_yky



Anthony Tutunijan

(Part of Group Campaign - "Better Together")

Your Home.
Anthony is a life science student from Cambridge. He understands the importance of Mac feeling like home, because for so many of us, it is. He understands that a strong sense of community, belonging and inclusivity is the key to making us all be the best Marauders we can be. Feeling safe and supported on campus are the keys to making this Your Home.
Medium_70789285_118418246215339_4882675021463420928_oJoy Xu

Joy Xu is from Toronto and is running for Vice Chair Internal. As someone who’s also a first year, she knows how it feels to transition into university-- it’s definitely exciting and somewhat daunting. But Joy's been so lucky to meet so many wonderful people in the McMaster community. She truly hopes to bring the best out of mac for first years and help support the tight knit community, whether through initiating events or even being a shoulder to lean on. She hopes you can support her journey not just as a candidate, but also as a fellow first year... who wants to help other first years. Her dedication and experience can be seen through her campaign with daily video uploads, free goodies (cookies, candies, etc), and active work in the community.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/joyxumac/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joyjxu/?hl=en

Vice-Chair (External)
The Vice-Chair (External) acts as spokesperson for the organization and liaison between the First Year Council and the Faculty Society first year representatives.This individual will act as a primary lead on advocacy related to issues with respect to academic and off campus student experiences perspectives.

Candidate Social Media and Website 


Daniel Mobilio

(Part of Group Campaign - "Better Together")

Your Voice.
Daniel is a life science student from Toronto.He wants nothing more than for first year students to have a reliable, dedicated voice at the table. Daniel understands the realities of first years; busy schedules, new environments and decisions to be made. He wants to take your issues, and get them resolved for you. With your vote, Daniel can be Your Voice.
Medium_download_(1)Haider Ali Khan

My name is Haider Ali Khan. Currently in the biotechnology program at the university of McMaster, I no longer want to see robot zombies who are indulged in the “system” of creating a globalization of standardization. The world has progressed. I want to help people think creatively, innovatively, critically, and independently with the ability to connect. Aside from my long-term goal, I am a Martial Artist and Performer who loves making

YouTube videos. Anyways, for now, Peace Out ✌🏼

Medium_downloadKrupa Patel

My name is Krupa Patel and I am a first-year commerce student hoping to become the External Vice – Chair for the 2019 – 2020 school year. I am in the same position as a lot of you feeling very stressed from barely knowing what I wish to pursue in life and entering this new environment so different from what I always referred to as my home. Although, I am an off-campus student I will not let that stop me from advocating for what I truly feel passionate about, the well-being of students. It is important for students to be aware of their mental health and have resources available to help maintain a healthy mentality as we transition into these next four years at McMaster University. Whether this support be shown through motives such as simple accessible get-togethers to encourage building a sense of community or giving out free mental health care packages right before exam season, something will be done! I look forward to our journey for the next 4 years! 2, 4, 6, 8! Vote for Krupa, don't be late!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krupaa_29

Rishi Nereveth  

Vice-Chair (Events)
The Vice-Chair (Events) acts as a spokesperson for the organization and is the primary planner for events planned by the council. This Vice-Chair (Events) will work with MSU Spark, the MSU Maroons, MSU Campus Events and Residence Life to raise first year spirit within the school and improve the student experience at McMaster University.

Candidate Social Media and Website 


Haley Birch

Haley is a first year Humanities student looking to major in English and History to  later become a teacher. She spent her gap year in Guatemala teaching in a small rural community called Parramos. Haley has a passion for leadership and spends her summers in Muskoka working at a summer camp as a Program Director. Here she oversaw the daily fun and activities for 1,000 campers! Haley is looking forward to the opportunity to campaign. Most of all she does not like speaking in the third person. 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/haley4vicechair



Jawaria Aijaz

My name is Jawaria Aijaz and I’m a Social Sciences I student. I’m running for Vice-Chair events because I attended all of Welcome Week 2019 and saw all the great event planning that helped grow mine, as well as others’ first year experience at McMaster. I hope to increase the events at McMaster as well as make them more memorable, because truly, it’s not about the events, but the memories you make during them that last a lifetime. My goal is to bring more thrilling, and exciting opportunities at McMaster through a wide range of diverse events, so we can all look back at these experiences and remember the wonderful time we had at our university, McMaster.
Medium_download_(2)Jenny Kim

Hello everyone, my name is Jenny Kim and I am currently in the Social Science I program. I decided to run for VIce-Chair (Events) because I truly enjoy planning events and being creative. I would love to become more involved in Mcmaster and I also wish everyone to feel included in this new environment. Vote Jenny Kim to be your Vice-Chair (Events)!

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jenny4vce



Parker Davis

(Part of Group Campaign - "Better Together")

Your Experience.
Parker is a commerce student from Oakville. He attended Welcome Week and many other events across campus, and saw nothing but untapped potential. Mac, as a growing community, and he wants to bring that growth mindset to event planning. He gets it, University is busy, and you're on a time crunch. That's why he wants to give you the biggest, best events this university has seen, so you can look back on these times, and see how you enjoyed Your Experience.


Toluwalase Awonuga

My name is Toluwalase Awonuga. I’m in first year commerce. I am from Nigeria, but this is my second year living in Hamilton. I love dancing, working on projects and theatre. A fun fact about me is that I have visited almost 20 countries. :)

Instagram: https://instagram.com/toluawonuga


Residence Chairs (12) 
Residence Chairs will act as advocates for students in residence at McMaster University. They will be elected among their peers within their residence and will serve on a variety of Residence Life consultation committees. Further, residence chairs will be responsible for collecting feedback on the perspective of students in residence and running events within their particular building.


Bates Chair

Candidate Social Media and Website 

Zishan Ahmed




Brandon Chair 

Candidate  Social Media and Website 

Ana Han







Ellen Cui-Coutu

Hello! My name is Ellen and I am currently in first year Life Sciences. I am running for Brandon Chair because I want to help others make their first year of residence memorable. To many people in our building, Brandon Hall is their new home away from home for the next couple months and with that, I hope to introduce different activities to get everyone involved. We all deserve a voice in how our first year should be and electing me as your Chair will ensure that through easy communication on social media or opinion boxes, (that are 100% anonymous) your voice will be heard to the First Year Council. I hope to get involved in the McMaster Community as your representative. 


Pick me, Choose me, VOTE Ellen C-C for BHC (Brandon Hall Chair)

Jeffrey Boekee



Edwards Chair 

Candidate  Social Media and Website 
Shayan Mortazavi  
Stella Diagoupis  


Hedden Chair 

Candidate Social Media and Website
Colin McGuigan (Acclaimed)  



Les Prince Chair 

Candidate Social Media and Website
Riley Chung (Acclaimed)  


Mary E. Keyes Chair

Candidate  Social Media and Website 








Hargun Kaur

Hargun is running to be your Mary E. Keyes representative. Voting for her will mean voting for the best residence experience yet! She has FUN events planned for you - from coffee houses to residence musicals to sports intramurals and everything in between. She will also be bringing more mental health supports and university transitioning advice with monthly wellness sessions, de-stressing activities, and various seminars from professionals as well as posting resources for you to reach out to. Most importantly, Hargun will be increasing YOUR involvement with monthly drop-in meetings and anonymous forms for any suggestions or complaints. She wants to make it the best year for you and that's not possible without YOUR help. Remember: a vote for Hargun is a vote for YOU. She can't wait to make your time in Keyes a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Stay tuned for future updates on her platform and events by liking fb.me/hargunforkeyesrep.  #domorewithHargunKaur 







Jude Gal

Hey! My names Jude Gal and I’m a first year commerce student living in Mary E. Keyes. Here’s a little about myself; I love being spontaneous and extroverted. I enjoy playing a lot of sports like basketball and lacrosse, I dance, I have a huge passion for art (drawing, sculpting, painting, hit me up if you know any good studios to go to) I love theatre and I’m also really good at keeping a convo going so don’t be afraid to come up and say hi!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judeforkeyes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/judeforkeyes/


Matthews Chair 

Candidate  Social Media and Website 
Tasin Karim (Acclamimed)  


McKay Chair 

Candidate Social Media and Website 
Jonathan Paglialunga (Acclaimed)  


Moulton Chair 

 Candidate  Social Media and Website 

 Hafsa Paracha (Acclaimed)




Peter George Centre for Living and Learning (PGCLL) Chair

Candidate Social Media and Website 

Ayla Ahad


Jason Bergman


Mariam Mueen



Wallingford Chair 

Candidate Social Media and Website 
Leila Somani-Davis (Acclaimed)  


Whidden Chair

Candidate Social Media and Website 

Leon Yao




Woodstock Chair 

Candidate Social Media and Website 




Chang En Xi

 Hey, every one! My name is Cheng’En Xi (people just know me as Cheng) and I am running for Woodstock Chair in the upcoming First Year Council Election. Being involved in student government previously, I am confident that I have the experience to make your school year and residence experience even better for YOU. So, this Election, vote for Cheng for Woodstock Chair. Voting will happen on Sep 26 through your McMaster Email. So remember for next week, Cheng for Woodstock Chair, no one else can compare! 

Sezgi Yanikomeroglu





Valeria Flores

First-year Humanities student going for a double major in English and History. Nineteen years old. Loves music, books, and laying in bed staring at the roof. Currently sucking at playing pool but learning 👌

Instagram: https://instagram.com/vale_isa_flowers


Important Dates

Campaigning Period: September 19, 2019 - September 26, 2019

Polling Date: September 26, 2019 | Polling ends at 5 PM


Nomination Papers

To be nominated, please read over the package carefully and return the completed Nomination Package to the McMaster Students Union Office (MUSC 201) by September 17th at 5 PM.

The Expense Declaration Sheet must be completed in full and handed in by 2 PM on September 25th.

The Nomination Packages can be picked up at the McMaster Students Union Office (MUSC 201) or forms can be accessed below:

Documents Include:

First Year Council Nomination Form 2019

First Year Council Election Rules 2019 

First Year Council Expense Sheet 2019

First Year Council Technical Complaint Form 2019

First Year Council Complaint Form 2019



Contact Details

Peter Belesiotis (CRO)
905-525-9140 ex. 24118

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