First Year Council (FYC) Elections

MSU First Year Council (FYC) is the unique representative body for McMaster first year students that serves to inform and speak for their distinctive needs and concerns. The council represents both current and future first year McMaster students, and ensures that their issues and interests are addressed by acting as a voice, and as a guiding body.


First Year Council Positions 2020


The primary spokesperson, liaison and advocate for the MSU First Year Council. This person will maintain relationships with other student/university organizations and oversees all FYC meetings. This person is responsible for reporting on the First Year Council to the SRA.

Vice-Chair (Internal) 

The Vice-Chair (Internal) acts as a spokesperson for the organization and liaison between the First Year Council and the Residence Advisory Council. This individual will act as a primary lead on advocacy related to the living conditions and the students experience of first year students living on McMaster campus. 

Vice-Chair (External)

The Vice-Chair (External) acts as spokesperson for the organization and liaison between the First Year Council and the Faculty Society first year representatives.This individual will act as a primary lead on advocacy related to issues with respect to academic and off campus student experiences perspectives.

Vice-Chair (Events)

The Vice-Chair (Events) acts as a spokesperson for the organization and is the primary planner for events planned by the council. This Vice-Chair (Events) will work with MSU Spark, the MSU Maroons, MSU Campus Events and Residence Life to raise first year spirit within the school and improve the student experience at McMaster University.

Residence Chairs (1) 

Residence Chairs will act as advocates for students in residence at McMaster University. They will be elected among their peers within their residence and will serve on a variety of Residence Life consultation committees. Further, residence chairs will be responsible for collecting feedback on the perspective of students in residence and running events within their particular building. For the 2020-2021 year, there will only be an elected Residence Chair for Peter George Centre for Living and Learning (PGCLL). 


First Year Council Candidates


Candidate Social Media and Website
Yahaya Mohamed


Candidate Social Media and Website
Saffa Sajid

Hey Class of 2024, I am Saffa Sajid and I am in my first year of the Business program and although this year is online and it has been quite hard to connect with other first years. I would like to take this as an opportunity to take action and make this year a rememberable and remarkable for all. My wish is to end this school year stronger than we started and to do that, I would love to represent you all as the chair for FYC

 Instagram: @saffa4fycchair, @saffasajidd

Website: https://saffa4fycchair.glideapp.io/

Campaign Email: sajidh1@mcmaster.ca

Candidate Social Media and Website
Aiman Dhiloon

Hey Marauders! I know this year seems dissapointing - that's exactly why you deserve a team that listens, advocates your opinions and ensures that while apart, our community remains united. As an experienced leader that was elected CEO of two non-profits and headed numerous organization at my high school, I'm confident that I can help you thrive. I promise to keep you informed and connected through exciting virtual events, and to always be an approachable friend!

Instagram: @aiman.zd

Facebook: Aiman Dhiloon

Snapchat: @aimandhiloon

Campaign Email: dhiloona@mcmaster.ca

Vice-Chair (Internal)


Candidate Social Media and Website
Michelle Song


Vice-Chair (External)

Candidate Social Media and Website
Claire Raposo

Hello First Years! My name is Claire Raposo and I'm running to be your External Vice Chair. The External Vice Chair works with your faculty's first year representative, and I want to help make your year as amazing as possible! Although we're online, I want to ensure there is a strong community among all first years, regardless of where we are studying from. Your voice matters and I want to help represent it!

Instagram: @claireraposo

Candidate Social Media and Website
Charlotte Chan

Hey Marauders!! Listen up: you did your job and voted for fantastic first- year faculty reps. Now make sure to amplify your voices even further, allow me to enhance your ideas alongside you, and stand up for all of you at First Year Council! I'm dedicated to making this year the absolute best, invested in your visions, and inclusive of every idea. So vote for Char, I'll take you far.

Instagram: @charchan4externalvicechair

Facebook: Char Chan for External Vice Chair 

Website: Refer to Google doc link in Instagram bio

Campaign Email: chanc121@mcmaster.ca

Candidate Social Media and Website
RJ Escuadro

For most of us first years, virtual learning has been difficult and I understand the need for getting your voices heard. As your Vice-Chair (External), I will ensure that FYC moves in a direction that will be more equitable, and taking immediate action to concerns. I have had numerous leadership roles before and I will continue to bring the same level of enthusiasm to this position, for YOU. Your voice matters to me, #vote4RJ.

Instagram: @vote4RJ

Facebook: Vote RJ Escuadro

Campaign Email: escuadrr@mcmaster.ca

Vice-Chair (Events)


Candidate Social Media and Website
Maryam Sheikh


PGCLL Residence Chair

Candidate Social Media and Website
Henry Laing



Important Dates

Nomination Period: September 8, 2020 - September 21, 2020Important Dates

Campaigning Period: September 23, 2020 - September 30, 2020

Polling Date: September 30, 2020 | Polling ends at 4:30 PM


Nomination Papers

To be nominated, please submit a completed Nomination Package to the Elections Department (elections@msu.mcmaster.ca) by September 21st at 5:00 PM. Please read over the documents carefully. 

The Expense Declaration Sheet must be completed in full and submitted by 2:00 PM on September 29th.

The Nomination Package Forms can can be accessed below:

Documents Include:

FYC-Nomination-Form-2020.pdf (173 KB)

FYC Election Rules 2020.pdf (358 KB)

FYC Social Media Information Form 2020.pdf (150 KB)

FYC Expense Sheet 2020.pdf (159 KB)

FYC Complaint Form 2020.pdf (171 KB)

FYC Technical Complaint Form 2020.pdf (185 KB)

Appendix A - Social Media Guidelines.pdf (9.05 MB)

Bylaw 10 - Elections.pdf (215 KB)

Bylaw 10A - Electoral Procedures.pdf (167 KB)

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