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After the appeals meeting on October 6th, the Elections Committee has decided to uphold the decision to disqualify the candidates Alexander Kameskiy and Abdullah Soltan. They have five days to appeal this decision to the Electoral Appeal Board if they wish to do so. The results of the election will remain unofficial until the appeal process has been completed.
Following are the results for the First Year Council and Residence Councillor Elections.  FYC Chair:  Selene Dominguez Forean  VP External:  Angel Huang VP Internal:  Grace Bryson  VP Events:  Shanna Ingram Residence Councillors  Hedden: Andrew Estrada  Edwards:  Anna Mary Wilfred  Whidden:  Abdul Stoit  McKay: Toni-Rose Asuncian Matthews:  Emma Jayne Chaikowsky The following is the full breakdown of results for all the positions:  FYC Chair  VP External VP Events  VP Internal  Hedden McKay Matthews Whidden Edwards Thank you to everyone who voted in the First Year Council and Residence Council elections!  After reviewing evidence and carful deliberation from the Elections Committee the candidate Alexander Kamenskiy and Abdullah Soltan have been disqualified from the race for First Year Council Chair.
Alexander Kameskiy has been found in violation of rule 4.11. After reviewing the provided evidence, the Elections Committee has determined that the integrity of the election had been compromised. He has 5 school days to submit an intent to appeal this decision.

Abdullah Soltan has been found in violation of rule 8.10. After reviewing the provided evidence, the Elections Committee has determined that the integrity of the election had been compromised. He has 5 school days to submit an intent to appeal this decision.
  Results are not official until the appeals process has been completed. Meeting minutes will be release next week.   ________________________________________  

Voting for the Residences of Hedden and McKay will close today at 5 pm. Check your McMaster enail and VOTE NOW! 

All FYC and residence councillor results will be released within 48 hours of polls closing. 


Voting for First Year Council and Residence Councillors (Edwards, Whidden and Matthews) has opened, and will remain open until the 28th at 5 pm! First years, be sure to check your McMaster email for instructions on how to vote! 

If you have any questions about the voting process, send us a message at elections@msu.mcmaster.ca. Good luck to all the candidates! 


Your candidates for Residence Councilor are as follows: Hedden: Chen Liu Andrew Estrada Andrew Aslanidis   Woodstock: Ernest Wong (Acclaimed)   McKay: Ben Marshall Nathale Pulla Abasta Toni-Rose Asuncian Zaharoula Gambrelis Muhammad Hussain Maegan Mustafa Alexia Sakelaris Madeline Deyo Jakub Szelya Yuan Qiu   Mary E. Keyes: Alissa Liu (Acclaimed)   Wallingford: Christy Yu (Acclaimed)   Bates: Tiffany Tse (Acclaimed)   Campaigning for the above residences begins on September 22nd at noon and ends September 29th at 5pm. Voting is from September 28-29. Voting and campaigning for the remaining residences are stated bellow! Here are the documents you may require throughout the election process:  FYC: First Year Council Election Rules 2016.pdf (129 KB) FYC Expense Sheet 2016.pdf (120 KBFYC Complaint Form 2016.pdf (72.9 KB) Residence Councillor:  Residence Councillor Election Rules 2016.pdf (116 KB) original_Residence_Councillor_Complaint_Form_2016_(extended).pdf (72.8 KB) (For Hedden, Woodstock, McKay, Bates, Mary Keyes, Wallingford)  Residence Councillor Complaint Form 2016.pdf (73 KB) (For Edwards, Whidden, Matthews, Moulton, Les Prince, Brandon)    ____________________________________________________________ Nominations have closed for FYC and campaigning begins Wednesday at noon! BUT WAIT - did you miss your chance to nominate yourself? Nominations for the positions of Residence Councillor for the residences Bates, Mary Keyes, McKay, Woodstock, Wallingford and Hedden are STILL OPEN until Wednesday at 5PM! Residence Councillor Nomination Package:  Residence Councilor Nomination Form (Extended) 2016 Residence Councillor Election Rules 2016 Residence Councillor Complaint Form 2016 (extended)   The candidates for the positions are as follows: Chair: Selene Dominguez Forean  Garry Vinayak Jackson Brown  Felipe Hernandez Tasneem Warwani Jonah Lehman Abdullah Soltan  Alexander Kamenskhy  Amrithan Sothivannan  Ahmed Shoeib  Sharon Yu  Brock Pollard Kesidha Raajakesary  Vice Chair Internal: Zaid Khan  Geremy Miller Grace Bryson  Anika Spasov Vice Chair External: Nainika Venugopal  Angel Huang  Jovan Sahi  Vritti Patel  Vice Chair Events: Sydney Hussett Tobi Popoola Lauren Arnold  Shanna Ingram  Somain Gawri  Fuad Ali 

Residence Councillors:  Edwards: Roshan Naufal Saranyaa Mahendrarajan Ann Mary Wilfred 
Raveena Kapoor
Abdul Stoit
Emma Jayne Chaikowsky 
Shamara Nadarajah 
Reni Gandhi (Acclaimed) 
Les Prince: 
Harneet Hothi (Acclaimed) 
Rani Mao (Acclaimed) 

  Campaigning will take place as of September 21st until the end of voting on September 28th. You can vote for your First Year Council from 9AM on Sept. 26th until 5PM on Sept. 28th online! All first year MSU members will be emailed their link to vote as soon as voting opens. If you have any questions or concerns about the election, email us at elections@msu.mcmaster.ca.

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