MSU Presidential Election 2020


The MSU President is elected annually by the MSU membership as outlined by the procedures in the MSU Constitution and Bylaw 10. The elected candidate will hold office from May 1st to April 30th. The President may carry a course load of not more than three (3) units per academic term. This course load restriction may be waived by a two-thirds majority vote of the SRA.

The President is to serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Spokesperson for the McMaster Students Union and be a voting member of the SRA, the Executive Board, and an ex-officio member of all other MSU committees. As well, the President will chair the Executive Board, Board of Directors and the Presidents' Council. Furthermore, the President will represent the MSU to the University Administration, Hamilton community as well as local, provincial, and national governments and organizations.

Important Dates

Nomination Period: December 2, 2019 - January 15, 2020 | Closing at 5 PM

All Candidates Meeting: January 15, 2020 | Location TBD @ 6-7 PM 

Campaigning Period: January 19, 2020 - January 30, 2020  | Starting at 12 PM

Presidential Meet & Greet: January 21, 2020 6 PM - 8 PM | TwelvEighty

Candidate Debate: January 23, 2020 3 PM - 5 PM | MUSC Atrium

Polling Date(s): January 28, 2020 - January 30, 2020 | Ending at 5 PM

2020 Presidential Election Candidates


                   Giancalo Da-Ré



Hi there, my name is Giancarlo Da-Ré and I am a 5th year Chemical Biology student. Two ways I would describe myself are punctual and caffeinated. Over the past 8 months, our team and I have been researching the most vocalized student issues at McMaster, with 100 consultation meetings that have shaped our action-oriented platform. I am ready to work with you to re-imagine the MSU and make changes happen over the 2020/2021 year!

Facebook : Vote Giancarlo Da-Ré for MSU President

Instagram: @giancarlodare2020

Website: GC-2020.com

Email: giancarlodare2020@gmail.com AND dareg@mcmaster.ca

                         Krystina Koc




I am and always have been devoted to helping people. That’s what being your President is all about. After years of experience with listening and catering to people's needs, I have tried to create the positive change needed in the lives of those around me. It is the intense dedication, passion, and devotion that test my fuel for change. It will be my goal to ensure that all students voices are heard.

Facebook : Krystina Koc 2020

Instagram: @Krystina.Koc2020

Website: krystinakoc2020.com

Twitter: @KrystinaKoc2020

Snapchat: @KrystinaKoc2020

Email: krystinakoc2020@gmail.com


                       Jackson Tarlin 





A brighter world begins here at home. We believe that little changes can make big differences. That's why we ask you to come out and support our vision for a greener Earth. Barring that, at least an earth-toned Earth. None of this pollution nonsense. If you believe in making huge and unnecessary sacrifices to your quality of life for incremental environmental benefits, choose us. #EarthTonedPrezidanteForATonedEarth

Facebook : Tarlin 2020

Instagram: @Earth.toned.j

Website: Jackson2020.club

Email: Earthtoned.prezidante@gmail.com



To be nominated, please read over the package carefully and return the completed Nomination Package to the McMaster Students Union Office (MUSC 201) by January 15th at 5 PM.

The Expense Declaration Sheet must be completed in full and handed in by 12 PM on January 29th.

The Nomination Package can be found by clicking the links below, or by visiting the McMaster Students Union Office (MUSC 201). 

Word document versions of the above documents are available upon request - please email elections_dro@msu.mcmaster.ca

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