Congratulations to Saad Baig and Damian Godlewski for being elected to SRA Engineering! 

Full results can be found here.

Congratulations to the following individuals who have acclaimed their seats on SRA Engineering!

Jamie Koscak

Dameli Mambetalinova

Hrthik Patel

Maynard Smid

2020 SRA Engineering Candidates 

For two seats on the Student Representative Assembly, the candidates are:

Saad Baig

I’m Saad Baig, a Mechanical Engineering and Society student. I care about the student experience and opportunities available for engineering students, For You. Beyond this, I’m focused on voicing the opinions in the MSU by our engineering family, By You. As a leader, innovator, and public speaker I’ve learned the number one skill is to Listen, To You. Vote for me; I am not just a representative for our student body, but for our Family.

Instagram: @saad.baig46

Website: https://about.me/saadbaig

Maha Chaudhry


Damian Godlewski


Derek Johnston


Adrienne Scott


Anthony Theissen



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