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Congratulations to Bethel Samson and Zoe Tsai who have been elected to SRA Health Sciences!


The full results can be viewed here


2020 SRA Health Sciences Candidates 

For two seats on the Student Representative Assembly, the candidates are: 

Jake Colautti & Zoe Tsai

Our names are Jake and Zoe and we’re running to be your reps on the Student Representative Assembly!

This platform isn’t about us though, it’s about YOU. So, we’d love if you could fill out this survey, and over the next week, we’ll post on Facebook the initiatives we’d propose if elected, so be sure to check out our page!

Facebook: Zoe and Jake for SRA

Campaign emails: tsaih7@mcmaster.ca and colauttj@mcmaster.ca

Sahibjot Gill

Hey guys my name is Sahibjot Gill and I am a second year BHSc student running to be your SRA Health Sciences. My main goals for the upcoming year are to increase transparency between the MSU initiatives and BHSc, and bring the needs of the Health Sciences student body to the MSU.

Facebook: Sahibjot Gill for SRA Health Sciences

Instagram: @sabgillforbhscrep

Campaign email: gills77@mcmaster.ca

Muhammadhasan Nasser

Hello folks! My name is Muhammadhasan Nasser and I am a second-year BHSc student. I am running to be your representative to the SRA because I believe I have the skills and experience required to be an effective advocate for you and find holistic solutions to the issues we face as HealthScis. Furthermore, if elected, I will strive to foster a greater sense of community, increase transparency & feedback and improve our infrastructure! 

Facebook: Muhammadhasan Nasser for SRA Healthsci

Campaign email:  nassem8@mcmaster.ca

Bethel Samson

Hello everyone! My name is Bethel Samson and I am a second-year BHSc student running to be one of your Health Sciences student representatives. If elected, I will advocate for a more logistically and financially accessible room booking process, lobby for access to musical instruments and practice rooms for all students, but most importantly, listen to the BHSc voice and implement your ideas! Check out my social media platforms to learn more!

Facebook: Bethel Samson for SRA Health Sciences

Instagram: @bethel4sra

Campaign email: bethelsamson10@gmail.com

Mohammed Shaik

Hello Health Scis!

My name is Mohammed Shaik and I am a third year Health Sciences student. I’m excited to be running to be one of your Student Representatives this year!

In the coming days, I’ll be sharing a bit more about myself while introducing platform points that will help better student life for YOU. 

Just to give a quick snapshot, I plan to introduce a SRA student committee to better understand and address pertinent student issues. I also want to advocate for academic support systems and implement avenues to strengthen intra-faculty communication.  

Stay tuned for more details and shoot me a message if you have any questions!!

Facebook: Mohammed Shaik for SRA Health Sciences

Emmanuel (Manny) Suntres

Hey everyone! My name is Manny Suntres and I am in my third year of BHSc. I am thrilled to be running for SRA Health Sciences. Through SRA, I hope to be an effective advocate for the BHSc student body and I wish to champion changes that will positively impact both our program and McMaster as a whole. I want to ensure that your voices are heard and that you are being properly represented.



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