Health Sciences

2019 SRA Health Sciences Candidates 

For two seats on the Student Representative Assembly, the candidates are: 

Ajay Gandhi  
Alisha Sharma

My name is Alisha Sharma and I am a Health Sciences Level II student. I believe that I have the experience, drive, and ability to effectively advocate for and implement productive, sustainable change in the Health Sciences faculty and I look forward to sharing my platform!


Arzoo Alam

Hi there! My name is Arzoo Alam and I am a third-year BHSc student running for a position on the Student Representative Assembly (SRA) for the Faculty of Health Sciences. If elected, I will work to represent students in our faculty through advocating for accessibility, promoting community, and continuing lobbying efforts for renovations.


Email: alama11@mcmaster.ca

Bassil Issa  
Mostafa Mohammed

Hey Health Scis! I’m a second-degree Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization student and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to run to represent ALL Health Scis (our BHSCs, our BDCs and our BioPharms!) on the SRA. If elected, I’ll lobby for keeping our amazing student services active, a thesis supervisor portal, enhanced enrollment accommodations, increased food promotions on-campus (yum), and much more.

Facebook  | Website

Email: mohammmw@mcmaster.ca

Paul Mundra

Hey everyone! I’m Paul, a BHSc Level II student. I’m running for SRA Health Sciences because I believe I can not only advocate for the changes we want, but I can advocate well. Bettering McMaster is in everyone’s best interest, so I’m going to ensure the howls of the wolfpack are heard.



Email: paulforsra@gmail.com

Rhea Jangra

Hi everyone! My name is Rhea Jangra and I am currently in my 2nd year of Health Sciences. I'm incredibly excited to be running for SRA this year in hopes of improving BHSc as a whole, both within and outside the context of the MSU, while working to ensure that student voices are recognized and used to instigate meaningful change in our community.


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