2019 SRA Kinesiology Candidates 

For two seats on the Student Representative Assembly, the candidates are: 

Charlie Violin

My name is Charlie Violin (yes, that is my real name) and I’m running to be your Student Representative.  Although I may only be in first year I have the experience, knowledge and passion to represent my constituents (YOU) and fight for what you deserve.  My Ideas: elimination of textbook tax, textbook rentals, washroom renos, improve our apps, increase the # of safety poles, and fix those pesky broken links.  I hope to eliminate Lake McMaster, create consistent and prompt course outlines and exams but most of all for you, my KIN Fam, reno IWC and (try to) get the KIN LOUNGE.


Instagram: @charlie.sra.kin

Abdur-Razakh Mohamed

My name is Abdur & I am a 2nd Year Kinesiology student. I am running for one of the seats representing Kinesiology on McMaster’s Student Representative Assembly. I am passionate about representing my program and I hope to bring about positive change in the MSU, for Kinesiology students and the McMaster student community as a whole.

Facebook: Abdur for SRA Kinesiology

Twitter: @Abdur4sra

Instagram: @Abdur4sra

Snapchat: @abdur4sra

Brian Zheng

Hello, I am here to make it clear. My name is Brian Zheng and I’m a first year Kinesiology student. However, you can think of me as your personal megaphone, one that not hesitate to ensure your voice is heard. I will build upon the progress made by previous SRAs and introduce an event where kinesiology alumnis can share the pathways they have chosen after graduation.


Instagram: @ibrianzheng

Email: zhengb12@mcmaster.ca

Matthew Bazinet  
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