2019 SRA Science Candidates 

For seven seats on the Student Representative Assembly, the candidates are: 

Armand Acri

Hey everyone, my name is Armand Acri and I am a 3rd year student in Psych, Neuroscience and Behaviour. I’m absolutely thrilled to be running for SRA Science. I hope to affect meaningful change that directly addresses student wants and needs, as well as give back to the amazing community that makes Mac so special. 


Instagram: @armandmacri

Email: acria@mcmaster.ca

Ashley Reddy

My name is Ashley Reddy and I’m excited to be running, once again, to be part of the Student Representative Assembly (SRA) for Science. I’m currently a second-year student in Honours Life Science and want to continue advocating for change. This year I’ve learned a lot about what can be done, and I want to continue my work advocating for issues such as textbook costs, diversity, and student engagement.


Instagram: @ashley_ready 

Email: reddya1@mcmaster.ca

Christy Au-Yeung

Hi everyone  My name is Christy Au-Yeung and I'm a level 2 Integrated Sciences student. I would love to represent the science faculty  to collect feedback using different avenues and make MSU events and services more accessible.


Instagram: christysramsu

Email: christysramsu@gmail.com

Dana Price

Hi everyone, my name is Dana Price and I'm excited to run for SRA Science. Currently, I'm in my second year of integrated science and I'm concentrating in biology. I can't wait to be involved in the McMaster community and would be proud to be your voice in advocating for the vast and diverse faculty of science. I want to make it easier for you to know what events and opportunities are available to you and to listen to any concerns and ideas you may have.


Danial Aminaei

Hey everyone, my name is Danial Aminaei and I am a 2nd year student in Honours of Life Sciences.I am running for SRA Science. My ultimate goal as an SRA candidate will be helping to make effective changes based on student needs, as well as implementing realistic solutions to problems within our faculty. 

Facebook | Instagram

Email: aminaeid@mcmaster.ca

Daniel Antonenko

My name is Daniel Antonenko, and I am in my 3rd year of Biology-Physiology.My primary goal is to work on improving the administration of the SRA and improving the election system in cases of candidates being acclaimed into their positions.

Facebook: Daniel Antonenko for SRA Science

Instagram: @antonenko_sra


Denver Della-Vedova

Hey! I'm Denver Della-vedova, a second year life sciences student. I just want to make the changes you want to see. One of which will be bringing mental health care services more directly to first years.

Facebook: Denver Della-vedova

Instagram: Denver Dellavedova

Snapchat: Denver.Della

Gachi Issa  
Joseph Vincent Defazio

Hello McMaster Science! My name is Joseph DeFazio and I am a Second-Year MolBio and Genetics Student. I’m running for SRA because I want our missions and goals to have the necessary resources so we can succeed together through Advocacy and Student Wellness. Our visions for a better future for ourselves and our community are attainable, so let’s do it together!!!

Nicolas Belliveau

Hey everyone :) My name is Nicolas Belliveau and I am a level III Honours Biochemistry student minoring in Economics running to be part of the Student Representative Assembly (SRA) for Science. After being a member for the University Affairs and Advocacy committee during this past year, I hope to further my involvement in student government by continuing to bring change to make our experience at McMaster more enjoyable and meaningful. As a member of the SRA, I plan to bring change to mental health resources on campus, increasing podcasted courses, student accessibility and accommodations, improving TA training, and building community within the faculty of Science through greater event planning and increased social media outreach.




Email: belliven@mcmaster.ca

Nitai Pandith

I'm Nitai Pandith, a level II student in Science! My initiatives with the McMaster community have provided me with the ability to place a spotlight on issues affecting students. I will be the powerhouse of passion and commitment to propel our faculty forward. Thank you for your time. Please follow links to learn more about my platform. 

Facebook | Instagram

Saadia Shahid

I am Saadia Shahid and I am in 3rd year Biology. I am running for a seat on the SRA Science because I want to strenthen the MSU and the Student Body connections by listening to the students and making the information easier to access for more awareness. This I feel would be at the forefront for betting advocating for them,



Simranjeet Singh

My name is Simranjeet Singh and I am a second year Radiography student, a stream of the Medical Radiation Sciences program. Throughout my time at McMaster, I have experienced the benefits of a variety of student-run initiatives, many of which were only possible due to the SRA. I hope that by representing the Faculty of Science, I can create more opportunities for student success and improve existing initiatives that student’s cherish.


Snapchat: @simmerjs

Email: sings42@mcmaster.ca

Sonya Grewal

My name is Sonya, and I'm running for SRA, I'm a third year iSci here to save the day. I'm passionate, responsible, and transparent too, I want to be the person who advocates for you. Give me the chance to represent all your voices, pick "Sonya Grewal" as one of your choices!

Facebook: Sonya Grewal for SRA Science


Sophia Zhang

I am thrilled to be running to represent science students on the SRA this year! I owe a lot of my first year to being a part of MSU First Year Council and I am looking forward to continue to represent my peers on the MSU. Check out my campaign points to learn more! 


Instagram: @sophia_zhang18

Tuneesh Ranota

Hi everyone! My name is Tuneesh Ranota and I am in third year Life Sciences at McMaster! I'm thrilled to announce I will be running for a position on the Student Representative Assembly (SRA) for the Science Faculty! I would like to work together with other SRA members to represent students in the faculty of Science and improve MSU services for the McMaster community.



Vishal Pandya

My name is Vishal Panda and I am a second year Neuroscience student. My goal is to ensure that the quality of academia & the quality of life at McMaster is addressed & improved


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