Social Sciences

2019 SRA Social Science Candidates 

For five seats on the Student Representative Assembly, the candidates are: 

Allie Kampman & Jen Kelly

My name is Allie Kampman, I'm a third-year political science and health studies student. Running for SRA has been a goal of mine for some time now and I'm so excited to see it finally coming to life. I have always had a passion for advocacy and I would love to use my position within SRA to advocate for the of social science students in a real and hands-on way, and hopefully inspire change.

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Amylia Mesic

I am a third year Political Science student specializing in Public Law and Judicial Affairs. I am running for SRA Social Sciences because I am passionate about students experiences and want their time at McMaster to be the absolute best it can be. My goal is to help create a better and brighter future for McMaster students by advocating for better access to MSAF’S, more soc sci exclusive study spaces, alumni mentorships and stronger experiential education opportunities.

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Angelo Marmolejo

Hey Guys, I’m Angelo Marmolejo. I’m a first year social sciences student and who’s vision is primarily focused on change for the MSU and to voice the opinions and hopes of my faculty. 


Instagram: @SRA-Angelo Marmolejo

Snapchat: Armycdt12

Ashley Forbes

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am a third year student majoring in Political Science and I’m happy to be running for SRA Social Sciences. I’m running  for this role in hope to help elevate the Social Science faculty, and create a more beneficial environment that can help others in the SocSci fam become more motivated and get the best out their University experience as a member of the McMaster Community


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Email: forbea1@mcmaster.ca

Faith Lapointe

Hey Guys! My name is Faith and I'm in first year social science. I'm running for SRA because I'd be an amazing bridge between the MSU and the rest of the socsci fam! You can count on me to work hard and not only get the job done, but to best represent socsci in all aspects of the SRA position. I'm excited to get involved and show my love for the faculty out there!

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Email: faithrlapointe@gmail.com

Gabriela Roberts  
Gurwinder Sidhu

I’m Gurwinder Sidhu, a second year Political Science student, & I’m running to represent the Social Science faculty in the SRA. I want to use the position to help promote both the rights and the desires of the faculty as a whole. I will work alongside students and groups to advocate for issues that the body may have. 

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Justin Lee

Hi, my name is Justin Lee, I am in Level 2 Political Science and I am running for re-election for SRA Social Science. This past year was an experience that has had a lasting impact on me. I’ve gotten to familiarize myself with many areas of the MSU and want nothing but to continue contributing to the betterment of this organization. As an assembly member, I would stand firm in my stance that student freedoms and access to education is a right that must be protected against threats like funding cuts. Student Voices Matter so lets #MakeSomeNoise!

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Email: JustinLeeCampaign2019@gmail.com

Madison Wesley & Owen Quann

My name is Madison Wesley and I am in my second year of Political Science and I am running with Owen Quann who is in his first year. Our vision is of a more effective, transparent, and involved SRA that will serve all students better. Soc Sci is home and we are all a family. We want to represent and take care of it all together!


Instagram: @madisonw_and_owenq

Twitter: @WesleyQuann

Matthew Jones  
Salsa Sarhan

Salsa’s the name and I believe being a fresh new face to the team would implement a new perspective to the SRA. Where I can truly build a foundation for future social science students to succeed and fulfil their goals. 

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Vania Pagniello

Hi! My name is Vania Pagniello, I am a Social Psychology student entering my final year. I am driven by compassion and a desire to make meaningful social change. Representing my peers and the diversity of their interests has motivated me to run for the SRA Social Science caucus. I will center these core values in advocacy efforts to show, and not just tell, the peers I will represent that I prioritize their voices in how I intend to use my own. 


Instagram: Vania_soc_sci_sra

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