Horizons Leadership Conference

The Horizons Leadership Conference is a 3-day, 2-night leadership-oriented campus experience exclusively for first years coming to McMaster. Through this, McMaster students have the chance to develop lifelong leadership skills, explore their new home and gain valuable insight into themselves and their future. It is an opportunity to lay a foundation for academic excellence, meaningful student involvement, and instil the sense of community, high level of volunteerism and culture of inspiration and leadership that McMaster is known for.The focus of the conference is to provide new students with an introduction to campus and university life. The conference also creates opportunities to network within the university by showcasing involvement prospects in McMaster and by building valuable leadership skills through sessions, events and speakers. 

This year, the tentative conference date will be taking place on July 27-29th, where we will have 200 delegates come experience their new home for the first time. 

Registration for Horizons 2018 is closed. Please click here for the delegate information package.

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