Why I Love Horizons


For the past twelve years, Horizons has provided hundreds of incoming McMaster students the opportunity for personal growth, friendship building, to become accustomed to the community and much, much more. Though, in case you aren’t completely sold on the benefits of the conference, read what past delegates and staff members have to say about Horizons!

Daniel D.

“Entering university is an extremely nerve-wracking experience for many first years. Personally, I was nervous because I had questions like, “Will I make any friends?”, “Will I be able to succeed at University?” and even “Is McMaster the right decision for me?” After my three days at Horizons, I realized that I had answered all these questions with a resounding yes. By the end of the conference, I had made many new friends and connections, learned academic and social skills crucial to university success and personal fulfillment, as well as realized that no other university was a better fit for me then Mac. By being part of this community of leaders, incoming first years are able to gain valuable insights about themselves, while learning about their new home for the next three plus years. I found Horizons to be a life-changing and fulfilling experience, and I would encourage all incoming first years to attend.”

Daniel is a third year Economics student, Horizons 2011 delegate and 2012 staff member.

(C). C. Floresca (2012)


Rachel I.

"Why did I love Horizons? Because it encouraged me to love myself. I always think of Horizons as the best decision I ever made. This conference encouraged me to take an honest look at myself and really consider both what I wanted out of university as well as what I wanted out of life. The genuine and unconditional support that characterized this weekend exposed me to my own potential and capacity in a profound way. The variety of sessions, events and activities showed me that I did not have to fit a particular stereotype to be successful; I did not have to be the loudest, most outgoing person. I saw that as long as I believed in my capabilities I was well-suited for any role I chose. I left this conference feeling incredibly capable and proud of my strengths." 

Rachel is a third year Social Work student, Horizons 2010 delegate and 2011 - 2012 staff member.