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Please note: During the month of September until mid-October, there will be a blackout period. Coverage starts on September 1, so you are covered by the plan but must manually submit any claim forms during this period. This is because we are still waiting on the student lists from the University, as well as having to wait until the opt-out period is closed. Claim forms are available online or in MUSC 201.

General Info - Health Insurance Plan

The MSU Health Insurance plans covers full-time undergraduate students at McMaster University enrolled in 18 units or more, at a rate of $106.00 per person. Coverage runs from September 1 to August 31. You can find a detailed brochure of what is covered here.

Through contractual agreements, the following McMaster students are also covered:

- Midwifery students
- MBA students
- Commerce Internship students
- Undergraduate Medical students

Part-time students may now opt into the MSU plan. Please visit the MAPS website for more information.

Graduate Students are NOT covered by this plan. Please visit the GSA website for more information. 

For more  information on the plans, or how to opt out please click on the corresponding links.

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