Student Assistance Plan

The MSU Student Assistance Program is a benefit provided to all McMaster students. The program is free, confidential, voluntary and accessible for not only McMaster students, but their roommates and parents. The benefits outlined in the program address key needs of students as made identified to the MSU membership. The two main services are psychological counseling and academic-life services, powered by Aspiria.

Access to the MSU Student Assistance Program can be found via our benefit provider We Speak Student.

Psychological counseling services are offered by phone to a 24/7 year-round toll free call-centre. The calls are answered by master’s level counselors, of which there are speakers of 180 different languages and dialects. Counseling is also offered over the Internet and through the iAspiria app. Counseling support is then received by in-person counseling, e-mail exchange, video or telephone. Academic-life services include legal consultation, financial consultation, life coaching, nutrition consultation and wellness resources, such as parenting and everyday life.

MSU SAP is dedicated to respecting confidentiality through many methods, which include keeping completely confidential records, refraining for booking back-to-back appointments, and offering counseling on premises located in external private offices.



Contact Details

Victoria Scott
905-525-9140 ext. 23251

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