Advertising through Compass

Compass Information Centre is an MSU service located in the Marketplace of the McMaster University Student Centre. We are centrally located on campus in a high traffic area. We provide information, transit ticketing, event tickets, marketing opportunities, and more! 

Compass offers marketing opportunities for those interested in promoting a club, event, workshop, or fundraiser either at McMaster or in the greater Hamilton community. This is done through a slideshow of advertisements on a Smart TV located above the Compass desk, as well as iPad(s) located on the service desk. These screens can be seen by those passing by or visiting the Compass desk. 

A link to the Advertising Agreement outlining pricing is here. 
2017 Advertising Contract Compass.pdf (79.4 KB) .
Please note that slides must be received at least 2 days in advance of display date. 

All advertising must be in good taste. Advertising slides are subject to approval by Compass management. Slides must be submitted fully prepared – no edits will be made. If you wish to advertise through Compass, or have any questions, please contact a Compass Internal Coordinator at compassic@msu.mcmaster.ca, 905-525-9140 ext. 26021. 

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June 27, 2017

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